K9 Adventures [4] – “Coconut Fans or Not!”


September 2017

Mummy and Me, [and Mr Clickitty click] on the return part of the walk!

Coconut Fans or Not!

Hey Everyone,

I hope this finds you all well and mm, well, er well! Dog talk is easier by far to wish you good greetings – a snout pushed against you for a good ol’ sniff and a wag of the tail and jobs’ done. You two leggeds feel the need to over complicate absolutely everything!

But Dad tells me that he is not allowed to simply walk up to strangers and put his nose where it’s not welcome and take a deep sniff – never mind being an extremely odd thing to do! Not being a two legged, l am unable to know if this is true or not, but l have no reason to think Dad is lying! However, Dad can be a little on the odd side as it is, and if he says no, then l guess it must be a real NO! [Plus l haven’t seen him do it ….]

You may recall from my first episode when l said Mummy and me or is it l, anyway you know what l mean were the explorers, adventurers and basically the pioneers, whilst Dad was a bit more of the casual box man. He has another box; this doesn’t do ‘tappetty’ this one does more ‘clickitty click click!’ Today he joined Mummy and me on our morning walk and all l could hear from him was ‘clickitty click click!

But Mummy says that this is the only way that Dad can show me to the world, so l guess l will have to put up with the Tappetty and the Clickitty taps and clicks for the sake of the series. I have seen these strange little boxes before in the faces of other two leggeds admittedly, if not those then the other strange things they speak to! The Melody Boxes – it seems that all two leggeds have an absolute fascination with something other than what they have. With dogs, life is so much easier, we smell the scent and prepare a dialogue based upon that. The dialogue may just be a look, or a facial twitch, a tiny tail tip wave, or a full tail swing, a movement of the paws, a small yip or yap and in that we have told all there is to be said!

Dad says, everyone has a story to tell, and everyone just seeks a way to say it – well my advice to the two leggeds is just say it, and stop overcomplicating everything with boxes!! May be everyone should just take a deep sniff! We dogs just say it as it is …

Except Mummy and Dad have said that as l have got older, l have become more vocal with them, in fact they described it at times as being ‘cocofanus!’ Which l am confused with because l never knew coconuts had fans, but l guess l cannot see any reason why they shouldn’t! It just gets more confusing because Dad then says that my coconut fans create a din, a racket that can grate at times, or does he mean can be great at times?? You never know with Dad – remember l briefly discussed his oddities … well just saying!

Well coconut fans or not, l at times have to explain to them in full detail how much l love them, and how my day has been, and what l have done that day, and whether l like my food or not and how l am so looking forward to my next walk, and how much l love my toys, and my treats, and, and, and you get the message.

This morning Dad joined us for the walk, and l thought it would be good for him to be able to use his Clickitty box, so both Mummy and l went for a full exploration adventure – hee hee even Mummy didn’t know where we were going, because sometimes she lets me decide where to walk!! So l took everyone on one of my sniffways. They are created and driven by… scent of other dogs, where l want to go, desires l might have and how much l might want to tease Dad!

I don’t often tease Dad, but as they say if the lead fits …


So this morning, l took everyone on a sniffways hike, we went down hills, up hills, down and up roads, through grass fields, down mossy banks, across rocky grounds and to my favourite place the beach!! Because l love to occasionally bathe in the sea – it’s good for my skin, my bones and of course it wipes away the bath time smell!! Then, afterwards, l took everyone up roads, across roads, up hills, through woody alleyways and back home!!



Guess what l heard all the way on the walk?


Clickitty, click, click, click, click!! All the way! Enjoy the shots of me and Mummy because the box man is always behind the box!

Thanks for stopping by, take care and well you know what’s next …

Tootle pip from Doodlepip!


The salt water is good for your paws, so l have heard … and … washes away the ‘Bathtime’ smell … Sssh don’t tell anyone!!”

Yay, Dad says l can Reblog my series again as some of my followers have requested them back for a third time, so thank you all. I will be back soon with the newest 4 Paws Diary episode, first of 2019, but there is a lot going on in all of our lives at present.

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