Golden Seas


Golden Seas

Never will l tire of the golden seas,
Or of the gentle coloured breeze,
Trickling slowly through the hues,
Fading like a waning bruise,

Solar rays dancing on the horizon,
Night skies forming in appreciation,
Romantic whisperings on dying beams,
Forgetting not the subduing gleams,

Creating castles of imagination,
Petals spreading outwards like carnations,
Reminding me of windmills of time,
Filling the windows of my mind,

Rainbows and their golden fleece,
Mountain tops within the peace,
From lands upon the flat barren,
Darkness floating in like Charon,

Shadows settling in for the night,
Turning away coloured delights,
Landscape dancing within the end,
Hidden glistening fairies slow to blend,

Coloured seasons four in one fading day,
Gems of wondrous beauty openly splay,
Arcing through dying embers of skyline,
Mysteriously praying like at shrine,

Fading down from magnificent opal blue,
Orange, red, yellow and golden seas too,
Mauve, through to indigo, silver sprays,
Soaring spirits escaping from the day,

Forgetting not will ever l,
Enchanting night time skies,
Splashing gracefully upon my mind,
Oceans painting reflecting time,

Never are they the same as before,
Myriad of colours galore,
In the blink of an eye,
Natures’ window of sky,

Magically casting mind adrift,
Flickering jeweled gift,
Shyly awakening in sync,
Diluted lavenders and bright pink,

Misting away illusions of splendor,
Eaten away as if being devoured,
Sky does simply shine,
Momentarily in time.

© Rory Matier 2019

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