Dear Blog … 12.55– 06/01/19


Some excellent news …

In the winter of 2010, a friend of mine managed to lose all of my digital photographs. I had serious problems with keeping computers running in the caravan years. The cold for starters was somewhat unkind of old computers and in the space of three months l lost two comps. I didn’t have the finances to buy a new computer, and so l was thankfully at the mercy of some friends who awarded me their older models till l was in a position to buy a newer model, which l did in 2015, when l had the custom and bespoke model l have now built. Prior to that an old gamer of mine allowed me to use his second computer which served me well from 2011 – 2015.

At the same time l was unable to gain access to my original Facebook account after it was hacked and the password changed by an unknown partybastard! So even know the old FB account was out of reach, it still had some 100 odd photographs tucked away in there.

Yesterday l was finally able to gain access after Facebook contacted me and allowed me to change the password again and so l have now got in my possession 100 of my old photographs of my dogs but also my animals, okay no where near the 6000, but it’s something that l didn’t have prior to yesterday.

So when l resume my animal tales, l now have some photographic memory l can attach again!


Dear Blog ……


2010 – oh my goodness, l had more hair then, tis the reason l keep it short now, less is more!

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