Top 15 Disasters?


Top 15 Disasters?

I have an idea for a new Blog Game l am thinking of running, but l need your help…

What would you say are the top 15 disasters that could happen to a group of people in a community?

Now these can be anything from say earthquakes, to epidemics to l don’t know a volcano suddenly appearing in your back yard – so fantasy, horror, sci-fi or environmental ….

I mean how well would you cope really in the event of a zombie invasion?


9 thoughts on “Top 15 Disasters?

  1. The Election of 2016!

    Nyaaaaah! Beat Fandango to it!

    Okay, well… could be a big rain that washes snakes 🐍 out of the hills and floods the low lying community with water and mud and SNAKES. Also, no WiFi… to make it all worse.

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  2. Top 15 disasters? The answers would be dependent on how long you want the human population to suffer lol.

    Get it over fast: mutated plague-ridden flea arrives from the Caribbean, massive earthquake along the Mariana trench, sun sun goes supernova billions of years early, a VW bus-sized asteroid slams into the Earth, the moon gets hit by an asteroid and breaks apart

    Drag it out: global temperatures rise three degrees in a single year, mutated virus attaches itself to wheat and soy slowly rendering the intestines of those who consume it unable to produce enzymes, polar ice caps melting in a single year, global war, aliens landing and offering to bring peace, aliens landing and offering to relocate half the population, flat earther’s being proven right, anti-vaxxers causing a global outbreak of a mutated flu, a cave of vampires being uncovered and released into the wild…

    the list could go on and on

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  3. How would I ‘survive’ a zombie apocalypse? I wouldn’t. The sheer horror of seeing the living dead slumping around, dropping bits and pieces of rotted flesh and moaning would kill me. And I hope to God I wouldn’t end up a zombie. Brains? BLEAH! What a diet.

    Now for my ‘short’ list of natural disasters?

    Volcano eruption
    Global Pollution
    Global epidemic
    Tornadoes and Hurricanes
    Mutant bug invasion
    Zombies (in which I do not believe just to keep the record straight)
    ‘virus’ which turns our vehicles into mechanical monsters that eat human flesh (check your stephen king and any of a dozen stories he’s written about mechanical monstrosities – industrial laundry equipment (The Mangler), the one about the big rigs (lorries in your area) that turn sentient, the alien that comes to earth and turns itself into a station wagon in order to eat people)…he has a lot of those.
    The Thing from the Black Lagoon
    The Blob
    Radiation poisoning

    Now not ALL of my list are “natural’, but you did say ‘Sci fi, fantasy, horror..”” right?

    Hope this is helpful. 😉

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