Dear Blog … 14.09– 05/01/19


Far From Shocking!

I guess by the time l got to bed last night it was around 2am, l had to go to bed, for despite not feeling overly tired, the pain said get to bed. I am lucky in one respect that Suze and l are in different bedrooms due to the strangeness of our sleeping habits as in she can hear a mosquito fary she is so light in her sleep and l have the notorious restless leg syndrome, but also because l snore. But l am unlucky in so far that as soon as l shut my door, there is a solid wall between our two bedrooms.

i have a digital clock that has a bright orange glow to it displaying the time, l don’t need the room to be picth black like Suze does and can sleep in a well lit room equally as much as a noisy environment, when l sleep that is.

By the time l managed to get to sleep, after tossing and turning to find a comfortable position for my shoulder, the clock showed me 2.37am as the last memorable time.

However at 3.56am, l awoke to a sharp pain in my neck … l knew what was coming, as l had had miniature problems all day Friday and Thursday since stopping my old medication to start their so called new one! Spasms!

I felt that familiar pain at the base of my neck shoot down to the middle of my back and then branch out left and right then make a direct assault on my right shoulder, attack my chest under my right arm and then slam me in my heart! The full spasm had found its mark. So l lay there screaming, and spasming and writhing in agony unable to move except looking l suppose like someone suffering from an epilepsy attack …… for 45 minutes. Then a further 25 minutes of recovery, before l finally drifted back to sleep, then to be woken up by Suze at 7am.

Scrappy knew, she sleeps at the bottom of the bed, but she couldn’t do anything as l had closed the door to tell Suze.

I feel seriously ill today. I have chronic stomach problems, which l know are the new tablets, the same ones that are not supposed to cause these problems, but hey what do l know? I tell the doctors each and every time they change my tablets that l have stomach issues.

An early start to the day In Canterbury hospital for my MRI, a very different experience to the one of the two months ago. They said l kept moving. I tried not to, but l had a mini spasm in the tunnel and tried to get through it, but it’s hard. They looked shocked when l came out and asked had they forgotten that in addition to the shoulder problem, l also had a pinched nerve?

“Oh that explains your spasms!” They said “You need to be on the right medications!”

But l know that already. I was on over 7000 mg per day and then some bright dim witted prick decided to try me on a new tablet, to be taken twice a day, with a total doseage of 1000mg? How does that work then, l ask myself? I was on a higher dose to help reduce the spasms in the first place.

But at least the MRI is now done ……..

Just got to be stronger for a bit longer!

“What’s that? How long is a piece of longer?”

Dear Blog ……

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