Write Nifty With A Snifty!


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Write Nifty With A Snifty!

In May of last year l posed a question to my readership at the time with a post entitled Question – If I May? In which l explained  how l had a business [still do] and l had an oversurplus of ‘promotional pens’ from Snifty, an American company specialising in custom printed products.


Snifty pens are made from an eco-friendly plastic derived from and l quote “sustainable resources that encapsulates long-lasting scents. “

“Emphasizing fun and function, SNIFTY’s first product…the SNIFTY Scented Pen was introduced to the retail market in May 2009. Strawberry, Watermelon, Bubble Gum and Vanilla Frosted Cupcake were the first of the Fun Flavor Collections. Since then, SNIFTY has continued to grow.  Always introducing new scents and products, SNIFTY now has Scented Pencil Toppers, Scented Rulers and Scented Jewelry included in its product line.”

Snifty Scented Products

My business Classic Eggshell Moments which some of you may recall from last year when l was amalgamating my three blogs together was a Tee Shirt and Tote business where l used my designs and placed them onto fabric and had them displayed in Redbubble. Currently, that lies dormant due to the market and whilst l further figure out how l progress that business forwards.


Long story short was that l had 1000 Snifty pens custom made in four scents – vanilla cupcake, strawberry, tropical punch and chocolate chip. I got them from Snifty because as an eco myself l wanted my site to offer something along those lines that was environmentally friendly. However, life as it is, not everything works the way you think it might. Or as an optimist might say, which as a credo is no different to the credo of an aspiring author, l haven’t quite found my niche yet in so fas as product or in the writers case market or genre.

In that post, l asked my then readership what they would think of if l offered out these pens as gifts as prizes for the Snifty challenges l was planning on creating, and so far to date we have run including the most recent Christmas challenge,  5 competitions which you can find HERE should you like to see what l have run so far.

Of course back then, there were the responses of the cost to you as in me of sending pens half way around the world, and l answered then as l answer now. That blogging is my hobby and l don’t mind once every 6-8 weeks of allocating £15 – £20 to my hobby in regards to postage, and that is no different today as it was 8 months ago. I don’t have many hobbies these days in so far as spending out on them, so l thought it would combine a hobby with a bit of fun.

To date l have sent out pens to Canada, The USA, France and England which you can see HERE and what l asked for as an additional bit of fun, was the receiver to take a photo of the pens in a funny location and l would post them to the gallery of winners which you can see HERE.

So l thought an updated post regarding the Snifty Pen prizes l offer was in order to show my readers what they were and why l do it. I know some of you in recent times have commented of it costs me more to send them half way across the world, yes it does. The pens l bought in 2015, so they are paid for, and each pen is worth around 75pence which l don’t know it’s value in Euro, US dollar, Aus dollar, l have no idea. The postage to the USA costs me roughly £2.25 – £2.75 pending location, which l was as said willing to swallow.

Some have said give the pens to children, well children don’t often use pens these days, and l don’t know any children which makes it harder, or give to charity well l give to my chosen charity roughly £30 a year anyway, and they have no use of eco friendly plastic scented pens. I don’t want to just throw them away if there is some fun to them.

It was for fun, and to maybe give a smile to some of my winners, that was the ethos behind it.

So there we go, an updated post for you all.


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