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[You wont often see me do this – however l am not going to nominate anyone on this challenge today, but leave it open to everyone to join in with should they so wish]

alphabet post challenge

I chose to include a topic and that is  – The Animals I Have worked with.


African Civet
A truly remarkable species to work with. During my days with my business l had the pleasure of working with these animals in several collections.


Bactrian Camel
The two humped camel. I worked with this species many years ago during an import for a wildlife park.


Capybara Ah yes, the giant guinea pigs, l have indeed worked with this delightful species as the tales will show in the posts of 2007“You’re Gonna need a Bigger Boat skip!”


Ducks I worked with many of these and various species as well. During my short time as a volunteer in a wildlife park on the Isle of Wight in 2015 l would spend days upon days cleaning up a lot of bird poop but also lots of duck squoop!


Emu Many years ago in Australia as a young lad l had an ordeal with a blessed emu, most assuredly a tale for later this year!


Fennec Fox
These are just such a lovely species to work with – their huge bat like ears and gentle natures. Worked with two pairs in 2007. Beautiful animals.


Gerbils I so adore Gerbils, l ran one of the largest collections of this species in the UK for many years when l first began my business. I still miss them to this day. Such an endearing species.


Horses I worked with horses exclusively from 2009 to 2012 in Lincolnshire but also learned to ride in 2003. You can check out the mini series in  Stories and Tales.


Irish Wolfhound
It’s been four years since l lost my Dora who although was a mixed breed of Gun headed Lab and Irish Wolfhound, was more of the latter breed and was built like a large female tiger – beautiful breed.


Japanese Macaque
Worked with these as a species in Norfolk in a private collection, marvelous primate species.


Kinkajou A truly lovely species from the rainforests of the world. But many UK exotic keepers have them as exotic companion pets in their collections. Real mischief makers!


Liger If l told you, l would have to kill you, but l worked with one of these in 2008. I was tasked with finding a new home for this animal which to the unknowing is half lion and half tiger – sometimes referred to as the ultimate super cat, but to others a hybrid.


Meerkats Oh what is NOT to love with Meerkats? These are such a lovely inquisitive species, l had four of my own between the years of 2004 – 2009 and had worked with perhaps forty of them over ten years or so, placing them into private collections and wildlife parks.


Nyala An interesting species that l had dealt with on several occasions for game parks in the UK as well as handling imports and exports for other countries.


Ocelot A truly beautiful small to medium sized species of exotic cat that l managed to secure into quite a few private collections in the UK during the ten years as a broker.


Platypus Yes l even have experience with these, a tale from my childhood, also found in Stories and Tales under the title of  The Flat Furry Duck.


Quail Despite being a mammal broker, and as such not working with bird species. I have handled over the years several thousand quail, which belong to the pheasant family and have worked with Japanese quail as well as Mountain quail.


Raccoons I had a pair of raccoons of my own which sadly l had to rehome in 2005 due to the male attacking me in 2004 and causing me serious damage. Look for One Too Many Raccoons in Stories and Tales


Skunk Lovely animals, l have worked with them quite a bit as well as being sprayed sadly! Look for Pepe Twas Not Heavenly Scent in Stories and Tales


Tiger I love this species of cat, these are the Ultimate Super Cat in my eyes. I had the joys and privilage of working with many Tigers from 2007/8 in the UK and Europe.


Uinta Ground Squirrel
I once helped build up a very large private squirrel collection in the UK, and this is where l met these crafty little sods!


Vervet Monkey
Had the pleasure of working with many primate species during my years as a primate dealer, and l have met Vervets before in private collections. if l told you l would have to kill you.


Wallaby An extremely popular species for wildlife and game parks, had worked with a rather large amount between the years of 2004 – 2007.


Xenurus unicinctus Sure l cheated, because Armadillos don’t start with the letter X not commonly, but in Latin they do! Brilliant species,  had worked with many over the years


Yellow Mongoose
Was looking after someone’s private collection in 2005 and was bitten by the mongoose, which was just a way of telling me to back off and was no way near as painful as having a playful ferret hang off my nose!


Zebra Yes, even Zebras, which to perhaps many of the unknowing, despite being striped they are identified as being striped differently individually. Worked with a very large game park collection in 2007.

There we go, l will be resuming my adventures with the Doolittle series soon, so you can read of more of my disasters then. However for the time being, as l am not nominating anyone this time around, please, please do feel free to join in with this challenge.


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    1. Actually of the many careers l have held, l loved working with the animals, more than likely however this l think is quite possibly the real culprit behind my shoulder injury of now.

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