Good Morning Folks



Good Morning Peeps!

Here’s wishing you all a totally awesome day!

Rory & Doodlepip

Have a great day folks!

Please drop by the following blogs and say hey, howdy and hi! All truly fabulous blogs and bloggers alike.

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11 thoughts on “Good Morning Folks

        1. Yes l did Sadje – many thanks, l will be answering them this morning. That email account is my second account so l was waiting for all the challengers to come back to me on whether they wanted the pens or not, so then l could answer all the emails at once 🙂

          Yesterday morning l bought the padded envelops, so today l will write back to you 🙂

        2. So sweet of you. I would appreciate if you gave the pens to someone close by, a kid perhaps. I will be happy with a picture of them. Appreciate your thoughts.

        3. Really, in truth as l said to Suze, kids have very little use for pens Sadje. It is no problem. These are great little pens. They have a good solid writing life to them, and a full four set has four scents – Vanilla Cupcake, Strawberry, Tropical Punch and Chocolate Chip.

          I had a business, technically l still do, but the market isn’t right for it, and l bought myself 1000 scented promotional pens, which then became redundant.

          The scents last long after the ink has dried. I don’t have children live by me Sadje, l live in a village filled with elderly people. The challenges were a bit of fun, and a great way to offload my surplus of snifty pens.

          A picture may well be worth a thousand words, but not when it comes to a Snifty Pen, because as of yet we don’t have Scentovision in the world.

          This link is where many of the pens have already travelled to

          Whilst this link is ‘pictures’ of the pens

          So it’s not a problem to send you your prize 🙂

        4. It would cost you more The the pens, to send them halfway around the world. I used to love the sweet smelling erasers when we were kids. Sadly now I don’t write as much on paper. The writing isn’t that good anymore. So while I appreciate you though, it would be too much trouble for you to actually send the physical pens! 😉

        5. I understand that, l truly do. I am going to write a post today concerning the pens today, as so many are declining the prize being sent out. But it’s part of my hobby, and it was a cost l was willing to undertake because it’s my hobby.

          In total the pens themselves are worth about £3 or 75pence each and the cost to the States works out at about £2.20 or something, so l was not upset at that cost.

          But no problem, thanks for taking part 🙂

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