Dear Blog … 23.11– 04/01/19


ILLogical Logix!!!!

Today has been an awkward day, the so called medical professionals changed my medication yesterday, from 1000mg Zapain and 800 Ibuprofen – so 1800mg four times a day which was about 85% effective on the pain to 1000 mg only a day of Naproxen!

Thanks guys!

Oh sorry l feel that was a tad polite!

Thanks a bunch you absolute tossers! The first lot wasn’t brilliant but you took me from 7200mg daily and reduced me to 1000mg! So now l have been in sheer pain all bloody day, and all this new lot have succeeded in achieving is making me have heavy sweaty eyelids a general feeling of nausea, rabbit pellet poo and they only cut into the pain by about 45% – so l have been in absolute agony now for two day with spasms for company!

My motivation is dropping faster than a man with concrete boots on plumetting to the bottom of the Mariana Trench l have to be honest!

I have an MRI tomorrow, and l am praying that l hear something positive soon.

Medical professionals are a bunch of tosswads!

Thank goodness for great music and a sense of humour!!

Gotta laugh eh!

Dear Blog ……

15 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 23.11– 04/01/19

  1. Bloody hell Rory. You are in the wars. Shit tossers! Hope the MRI goes ok and that they get yoy sorted. It’s bloody ridiculous leaving someone in that kind of pain.

    1. Hey Lorraine, it’s a nightmare, which has been ongoing for months. The shoulder/neck problem has now been with me two weeks under a full year. However, l went to the doctors about it in late June last year, 9 x-rays later, tomorrow is my second MRI, a two rounds with a sadist physiotherapist and 22 different branded pain killers all variations of one brand or another and l am getting at the end of my tether. Not one pain killer has actually hit the pain on the head. I can take a fair amount of pain, l have a relatively high threshold, but l am starting to really feel all of this pain now, and the last month has been very taxing. So yes l am praying that these new tests and scans are the definitive prelude to the damned surgery, because l am not far off decking a doctor, and from a non violent man, that’s saying something.

  2. Oh Rory 🙁
    Keep on harrassing them about the pain!
    It should be their goal to help keep pain to a minimum.
    I can’t handle co-codamol. I am sensitive to codeine, and do no like the side effects. I was given paracetamol daily for many months after my head injuries to the point where I became very ill. I was told I can;’t take a normal adult dose of paracetamol – they said just half the recommended dose. So I prefer NSAIDs like ibuprofen and Naproxen. They are so good with regards to any inflammation that is instigating pain.
    But everyone is different – the doctors should be responding to your gauge of the pain. I hope the MRI goes well tomorrow.

    1. the doctors should be doing that Mel, but each surgery is different, my doctors are now refusing to issue any thing higher than what they are prescribing. they keep harping on about becoming addicted, and l keep telling them, l am not going to become addicted! I just want an effective pain killer, which they are failing to deliver.

      The MRI should be fine, unlike many l enjoy it, lol, l will probably hate tomorrows. But l just need to get this moving along for final now, l need to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

      The biggest problem l have now, is that it has become too painful to actually lie down in bed, and l am becoming fearful of going to bed, that in with chronic loss of sleep, and l am starting to feel seriously wrecked.

        1. Things are changing Mel, since June of last year l have had my pain relief tablets changed 21 times all different variations of codeine based tablets. i have had anti-depressants, and a host of other things, the one thing l haven’t had has been a single tablet which has dealt with direct pain assault.

      1. From a pharmacy point of view…
        NSAIDs are probably the preferable option for many reasons. A lot in pharmacy do not think highly of codiene. But they combination of paracetamol and NSAIDs are very effective. Have they said if you can take paracetamol with the Naproxen if needed? Have they given you meds to protect the lining of your stomach – something like omeprazole?

  3. Hi Rory, I’m not sure if you will have had the MRI or not but, if so, I hope it went OK and that you will get some answers and some treatment that actually works! Hugs on way xx

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