K9 Adventures [1] – “I Found Banana!”


 I Found Banana!

I have got the coolest Mummy in the world, it is that simple. I have a great Dad, but he is not cool, he is a geek and to boot an Asbeen or an Asbee or something. I hear Mummy call him an annoying Asbee at times, so l am not too sure what that is! But l think it is some kind of geeky Asbee! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he is always – yes always sitting in front of strange looking flat box, well in fact l lie, he sits in front of three flat boxes with a strange glowing light to them. Most of the day, all l hear is tappetty, tappetty, tappetty tap, tap! Sometimes l hear him swear, or shout but mostly he talks to the flat boxes with the funny light and the strange noises! Did l mention the strange noises earlier? No. Well they make some seriously strange noises!!

Anyway this isn’t about them, well it is, but mostly it isn’t, it’s about me! So, who is me? Well l am known by many names truth be told, l must be because l hear many names each and every week and both my parents are looking at me, so l guess they are my names! My real name is Scrappy Doo, and according to Dad, l was named after Scooby Doo’s sidekick, who was called Scrappy on account of when l was much younger than l am now, l was really quite ‘miskevus’ or something like that, and l liked to scrap a bit!


This is My Cool and Awesome Mummy!

I am a girl, l think it’s fair to say that, because the real Scrappy Doo was a boy, but l was a right little dog boy when l was small! I was always up for some fun, with the other members of my pack, or l should say Dad’s pack. I am now in addition to all my other names known as the ‘last pack member’ because l was once 8th, now l am 1st because the others have died. No, it’s ok, l say the word. I have lost some friends over the years but according to Dad, ‘sadly it happens’.

When l am not being called the last pack member or Scrappy Doo l answer to all of these names as well … Pip, Doodlepip, Pipsta, Dudes, Gerty, Trudy, FifiTrixabell, Scraps, Oy-you-with-the-fur-on, Madam, A-right-little-madam and many more in fact. I have always found it quite strange just how many names l do have each and every week whereas my Mummy and Dad have just two ‘Mummy & Dad!’

Dad has said that l am in charge of this little series, so you will be hearing more from me as time goes along, and this is just a little taster – which leads me to how ‘I found banana!’ You see, l love little tasters!

I have already said l have the coolest Mummy on the planet, well this is totally true – she is … awesome! She totally gets me! We do loads of exploring and going on adventures together, she eats blackberries whilst l sniff grass and loves to play tug, and bounce, and ping pong Gerty, and she loves cuddles, lots of cuddles, she and l are always cuddling and having fun!

As to Dad, well we both tolerate him, because he can be a little boring at times!! But you know what? We girls have to make exceptions and allowances!


This Is My Geek Asbee Dad!

Anyway, l found banana! It’s awesome, it’s like this squidgy soft thing that taste’s really sweet – l asked Mummy for some of hers, and she is so ‘easy’ – l just batter my eye lashes at her and she gives in, l have had loads of goodies like this!!

Yesterday it was banana – which is what Mummy called it, but some time ago l also had olive and stuffed garlic! It dropped and l ran over and picked it up and ran off with it into the garden with both Mummy and Dad running behind me calling out for me to stop, which l did once l had the olive in my mouth! Have to be honest it was kind of icky, so l spat it out, but it smelled nice, so took it back.

Dad ran to his box, and soon enough l could hear ‘tappetty tappetty tap, tap’ which usually means Dad’s is looking at something on his box. I heard him say to Mummy, “Well it’s not going to kill her, it’s not toxic, but let’s not make a habit of it eh?” See this is why Dad is boring, he is so factual, so proper, official – Boooring!”

I am allowed the occasional olive now as a treat ‘if l want it’, well you can’t always think they are winning can you? Sometimes l do want it, and other times, l don’t want it, but really and truly l do want it!! Mummy knows the game, but Dad is like ‘Ok, she doesn’t want it then!’ And l am saying, no Dad, l really do honestly, but quietly! [But need encouraging]

But Mummy, she knows what to do, she assumes the position, and convinces me that l am an adorable little girl, and l am lovely, and to make her feel better l take the olive! It’s only fair.

They both love me very much, and l know this, but Mummy is easier to ‘play with ‘than Dad is …. Back to the banana of yesterday, Mummy was eating some with our favourite marmite on a cracker, and it just smelled soooo good, that l had to have some! So l stared at her, really long and gave her my puppy eyes which always win her over!

You may be surprised to hear what ‘puppy eyes’ can do for you! They don’t always work with Dad, but they do with Mummy! I can get fed by hand, get even more cuddles – way more than normal, erm, get let out late into the garden at night more, well the list is really endless. But yesterday l found banana. I heard the usual call to Dad, asking him to ask his box if it was safe for me to have. Which it just so happened to be totally safe for me – l know right – how lucky?! It is filled with goodies for me, but the sugar is a little high which is why Dad said ‘Treat only!”

So now, l have banana, olive, marmite, crackers, tuna, salmon and all sort of other little delicacies to my regular diet. Dad says my ‘regular diet’ is balanced for me and l think ‘Righto smarty pants then you eat it!”

Anyway – Tootle pip from Doodlepip!

Doodlepip’s K9 Adventures

Yay, Dad says l can Reblog my series again as some of my followers have requested them back for a third time, so thank you all. I will be back soon with the newest 4 Paws Diary episode, first of 2019, but there is a lot going on in all of our lives at present.

K9 Doodlepip


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