Pimp Imp’s Dastardly Deeds — final chapter

Li has played the last Imp challenge with a definitive dastardly deed style indeed!

Tao Talk


Pimp Imp’s Dastardly Deeds January 1 2019

The Norty List

Carries extra points for ALL questions answered dishonestly in an ‘onest way?

So in your mind do you think you made our Imp’s Norty List?

1] ‘ow many Dastardly Deeds did l an’ the uvva Imps post this challeng?

As many as you wanted to.

2] ‘ow many did you play in?

As many as I wanted to.

3] How many types of Norty wos you awarded?

Not sure how many awarded but Norty is as Norty does and Norty was Very Norty!

4] wich wos your favourite Dastardly Deed?

Telling the blogging world about my Norty New Years Eve Vices.

5] Duz you fink you wos well norty in the way you played or wos you only slightly norty?

Nort that Norty a Player, more Norty “out there” in Nortyland.

6] Did ya have a sneaksy at any of…

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