Dear Blog … 13.31– 02/01/19


The Journey,

I am achy all over, not just from the neck and shoulder that plagues me daily, but mentally too, and if even more precisely personally and emotionally l am achy as fuck! The last few months especially have seen me drained . My mind is awash with thoughts all the time, and as much as l am a fidget in real life as in l cannot sit still for too long, my mind is currently ten times that speed. I can find no peace from an active and over stimulated brain.

This year l plan to do a lot of writing, l know, l do a lot of writing anyway, but do l? Really? I was doing a lot of writing, but then as this injury of mine started on me in earnest l had to slow down significantly, and l started to produce a lot of much shorter content. This Dear Blog series is one such example, shorter relatable content, and this is quite a popular series. Not boasting just seems to be a fact. Statistics tell me this is the case. I don’t tend to watch my stats a great deal, this is not me saying l don’t look at them, but l am not hyperfocused on producing posts tied exclusively in with them, as l don’t see the point.

As bloggers it’s our job if we want to have our mutterings, musings and content read then we must ensure that we do the right amount of marketing and promotions otherwise whilst content will still be interacted and engaged with, we want to ensure that our blog is seen my many. I said to Suze last night, that most words are dead until they are read, and then they come alive in someone else’s mind. That’s our goal, whatever the content we produce if we are open to the public viewings as many of us are, then we need readerships to read and follow, and so stats then become a thing.

But this isn’t a stats post, it’s a facts post. Factually speaking about what l plan to do with this year. As said more writing, not stop short content, but try and get back to writing more of my own stories. 

I have so many stories of my own to write about and l intend to get those addressed. I am still owing the conclusion stories of   The Best Things I have Ever Done Naked!! which l promised Mel of Crushed Caramel and Fandango of This, That and The Other so l endeavour to get those completed by the end of this month. But it would also be good to get back to writing my Stories and Tales about working with animals, or my retail stories, my travels and my days in catering. I mustn’t forget my days as a Ghost Hunter or even the naughty days as an escort, there are just lots of tales l have. I will not be able to write them all in this year, but l intend to write more. I still have tales and posts attached to Miscellaneous Topical Subjects, as well as the joys of being an Aspergian.

I want to start my autobiography as a series here, and continue along with Scrappy’s autobiography as well. I have the Refection series connected to the Dear Blog Series l want to work on. I was surprised to see how much Poetry l had written last year, and l want to try my hand at writing a new collection. There is just so much to write about, l have a feeling that l will be here for some time.

Of course with the current My Father In Reflection series, we swing back to the start when l referred to myself as being achy, as this journey alone since my Father’s demise last October has been quite a strenuous one, and there is quite a bit of mileage on that one still to go. This also brings me to comments made by both Ursula of An Upturned Soul and Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen about my Father’s stories and his memoirs and doing something more with them, so l intend to start another series in an autobiography style and that being the start of  Family’s Not A Word – It’s A Sentence For Life! Which Britchy will recognise all too well by at least 90% as it’s made up on one of her most recent comments to me.

But l mustn’t forget to start again the 4 Paws Diary episodes for Scrappy which is a little bit overdue now apparently, according to a certain furry critter snoring her head off beside me now!

I have learned a lot about not just my Father in the last few months, but in truth my immediate family as well, l have seen them in different colours and hues, and not all of the latter are beautifully vibrant. So l feel l need to write about this, when l have completed the journey l am currently on with the breaking down and dismantling of my Father’s estate. Then l can relax.

Of course, who knows what type of surgery they are planning for me and how restrictive that might be or not, as both Paula of Light Motifs II  and Lorraine Lewis of Blind Wilderness have pointed out that there is such a thing as ‘voice activation’ software that may be an alternative to a temporary fix so perhaps l will be fine.

But there are lots of other things l still intend to write about as well. There will always be challenges as long as l have this oversurplus of Snifty pens, there will always be this abstractiveness to me, the fun things, the interactions, the questions and quizzes, and l still have a host of other novel things to introduce because that is how my mind is, it’s constantly vibrating.

So anyway, those are some of my plans for this year, what are yours?

Dear Blog ……

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  1. You have a lovely blog. We are always waiting to read your post. Involving the whole community in different challenges and then sharing your own feelings and heartfelt rendering. Love the posts from Scrappy.

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