Twinned Within Written!!

Twinned Within Written!!

Well I don’t honestly think it’s too much to ask …
You know, l said to him!
I guess it depends upon the task,
…. Answered my pseudonym!
No, that’s not true, not at all!
You, me, l and we can tackle it, take it all head on!
Nonsense, we would need plenty of alcohol!
Rubbish,  we can do it easily – it’s called liaison!
Look he we said together as one,
It’s not like, it’s some kind of sealed law!
We might even have some fun!
Oh he did laugh, l even risked a guffaw!
I requested deep, deep within my head,
Oh come on, we can do it, l know we can!
They don’t know chorused together quite flushed!
It’s writing for goodness sake man!
Don’t talk to me about the writing and the written,
Am all too aware of what’s required of us,
When we work together we are almost smitten..
… with each other you know, why the fuss?
So is that it then, we are agreed,
Together as one mind,
I’ll write, you’ll proofread?
So that we don’t get behind?
Fine okay then, so what’s the prompt then?
Oh it’s easy really, it’s Written – see?
Already?? Are you some kind of comedienne?
Oh ha-ha, so funny!!

© Rory Matier 2019

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