Swaying Other Ways!

Swaying Other Ways!

There’s nothing strange about me,
Despite what the …’others’ say,
I just like certain things you see,
…and sometimes l like them, the other way!!
The others …
…. well they see my other ways,
As strange to their own!
Matters not, which way l sway!
It’s the way l have grown,
I like things my way, see,
There’s a beauty,
To seeing things differently,
Even bizarrely!
So what if l like it that way,
There are worse things you could be,
Like a sasquatch, or even a yeti!
Perhaps even the ol’ abominable snowman!
So what if l am different to my clan,
With my unusual stature, and huge stick?
So what if l am just an overly large hairy big man?
…. Who just happens to have an ever bigger ..
…………… Kick!
There’s nothing wrong with me!
I am not supernormal …
… and most assuredly NOT abnormal!
I am just me,

© Rory Matier 2019

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