Pimp Imp’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 01 Jan


Pimp Imp’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 01 Jan

“Roight, well this ‘ere’s gonna be my last post for quite a while, at least another twelv months at least or just unda anyways. This last challenge is the clincher for many of ya .. lve bin seein’ that quite a few of ya ‘ave been playing along wif me deeds, so lets see ‘ows you all duz wif this one then eh?”

The Norty List

Carries extra points for ALL questions answered dishonestly in an ‘onest way?

So in your mind do you think you made our Imp’s Norty List?

1] ‘ow many Dastardly Deeds did l an’ the uvva Imps post this challeng?

2] ‘ow many did you play in?

3] How many types of Norty wos you awarded?

4] wich wos your favourite Dastardly Deed?

5] Duz you fink you wos well norty in the way you played or wos you only slightly norty?

6] Did ya have a sneaksy at any of your presents this last Christmas before the big day?

7] What did you get in your stocking last year [Ooher Gimp says thats well norty!]

8] Wos you well and truly norty this Christmas? if so ‘ow?

9] ‘ave you ever dressed up as Santa or made someone else do it, you know her her wink wink?

10] When the wevva is all cold outside late at night wot is it most you like to cuddle up wif?

11] Did you drink a fair bit this last Christmas – whatever your toddy is?

12] Did ya ovaeat?

13] Duz you wanta see me and the Imps back next year or even at Easter as we duz a double act then?

Now as this in an Imps deed, you av till this time tomorrow night to answer, but no later loike, cos, well we is Imps and rule breaking is wot we duz! The Guv well he will forward all the answas off to Bali where we is going for a short break!

Ps: Now we also knows loike that sum of ya don’t like making posts, but if you want, you can answa these questions in the comments section!

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