Dear Blog … 18.49– 01/01/19


Lies, Sisters and Mothers!

I give up, l truly do. I am so tired of trusting people … and more so, family.

In all my years l have come to learn that the people in your life who are most likely to betray you, let you down, insult you and lie to you are NOT the people to whom this might seem possible, but are usually your family – yes, those who pertain to be nearest and dearest to you.

I am tiring of all the lies that my remaining family members tell on such a regular basis that they believe them to be true. Story after story l read from my Father and fine a piece of fiction is supposed to be imagination, fantasy mixed with some reality and life experience and then weave it all together. In fiction Dad was fine, and yet he struggled to understand the difference between fiction reality and fiction fantasy, in his ‘reality’ pieces there is not an awful amount of truth. Well there is his version of the truth many a time.

My Sister – well she is lying to conceal the fact that since 2000 she has had close to £200K from my Father which l now have the black and white truth here with me at the house. She lies, berates and belittles and maintains she misses my father, which Mr Cynical here, deigns to feel that ‘description of grief’ might be a little twisted. But hey ho, now l am out to get what l can, yes that sounds harsh. But l shall not be getting £200K out of my Father’s estate, l will not do badly, don’t get me wrong, but l will not be getting £200,000.00 tax free.

Before anyone says anything, of course it’s not about the money .. but let’s be a bit more honest, it wasn’t about the money when he was alive, but he is no longer alive and it IS about the money now. Before he died, l had a Father who struggled to understand his Son, who disliked me immensely at times because l ‘remembered’ the truth of growing up and knowing who he was and that truth could not be bought from me, and he didn’t like me because l was independent of him and his lies. But my Sister sold the truth and her memories to line her wallet and my oh my but she lined it very well indeed, and she will not be hurt by the inheritance either.

She in book terms, enjoyed a good run!

My Mother who was my Father’s ex wife for thirty years, suddenly appeared on the scene to be there for my Father during his final days because, well because “He was my husband Rory.” So all the mental abuse, the cruelty, the beatings and the miscarriages at his hands she forgot because he was dying, but 24 hours after his death her very words were ‘Glad that bastard has gone!!”

Last night at 2.31am, l was awoken to drama with my Mother, Care Line rang and said she was in a bad way, l didn’t disbelieve it, but had a certain amount of Mr Cynical with me. I text her between the hours of 3am to 7am, and called her. Making sure she was alright.

I spoke to her an hour ago, and bear in mind that she hadn’t heard from my Sister over Christmas, received no merry wishes, no card no gift, no communication. Equally as much as my Sister would have been notified of Mum’s health, she didn’t respond, and ONLY responded when l text her three hours ago to say ‘Hey Mum is not well.”

So Jenny called Mum and spoke to her at length.

When l spoke to my Mother, she only told me Jenny had text her, a useless small message, and she was ok, but she wasn’t allowed any stress, so Rory please don’t stress me. When asked, well hang on Mum, l responded at the same time the carers were there, surely that counts for something? Their call woke both myself and Suze up!

“Well that’s different Rory, that’s your duty!” She answered snapping.

“Right l see, so l cause you stress, and my Sister is the fucking bee’s knees have l got this right? Because if l have, l have no more time for you Mum, and your lies. If l am causing you this much stress, l will make this simple, l will NOT talk to you until this whole business with Dad’s estate is finished. As far as l am concerned you are nothing but the ex-wife to that man and as such have nothing to do with this matter. You are my Mother, but as you are stressed and it’s all my fault, then fine. I will speak to you when Dad’s house is sold!”

“No, no, l don’t mean that!” she tarried.

“Nope, my lips are sealed, no more stress from me, bye bye! You want your cake and you want to eat it, no way!” I put the phone down to her.

Then l get a FaceBook message from my Sister who has been quiet for nearly 2 weeks who is suddenly bursting on about the house, and in that message there are clues she has spoken to my Mother, not TEXT her, but spoken to her. She and my Mother were on the phone for 45 minutes, and all my Mother said that it was lovely that Jenny had text her and that she cared. Jenny also instructed me to STOP stressing my Mother.

I am SICK to the back teeth with family – l so totally give up!

Oh right, how was my Mother, you ask? Well as suspected, it was just more attention seeking munchausen by proxy drama!

Dear Blog ……

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 18.49– 01/01/19

  1. OMG Rory. That is EXACTLY my family too. My mother is 93 just, and a malugnant narcissist. My brother is the Gokden boy, and I am the scaoegoat. Only not any more. My God. The chaos that these people cause. I never know when my mother is truly ill or when she is doing it for attention, even when I had serious advanced cancer, she had to be sucker than me, whilst kicking her legs up un the air in Marks and Spencers! I agree. I’m done with family too! Bah!

    1. Hey Lorraine, yes sounds like our Mums are cut from the same cloth sadly.

      Not once during the phone did she make mention to my shoulder. But she did tell me the truth to the incident as to why Care Line had to be called, and even then she lied, so l had last night’s story from the paramedics, her text conversation and her call this morning and then the call this afternoon where everything was different again.

      Things l didn’t discuss in this post were things she and l had talked about in the last few days concerning my Father, the estate and my Sister in trust, were then l was to learn breached when she discussed them with my Sister, whilst maintaining my Sister had only text her.

      I am done, l am too stressed, too ill and too drained to keep up all the fun, frolics and games with her.

      1. Oh do you know Rory, that is EXACTLY how I feel. Too stressed and ill to deal with all the games. And yes, my mother lies too. Different stories all the time, according to what effect she wants to create. I worry about when she realky IS daying, because, being such a stupud soft hearted soul, i’d feel bad if I was not tbere. So I hope she dies syddenly so that the priblem does not exust, oh and yes, the Will. Lol. Talk about using it as manipulation! Threats. Etc. Where do these people come from Rort? HER mum was lively. In fact I jyst wrote about her mum today for Fandango’s Word Challenge! I reckon you an me had bettervstuck together lol.

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