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I Just Know My Mum!

Which is how l answered the phone at 2.31am this morning. That l had been asleep was not so much new to me, but that l hadn’t realised l had fallen asleep once more in the computer chair! I initially had heard some alarm ringing in my head, with my innermost thoughts telling me that maybe we were on fire!!

Getting up quickly and banging my knee on the underside of the desk and then promptly tripping over the roller wheels of my chair l looked around for the noisy culprit. No smell of smoke was invading me, and as l stumbled like a poor man’s zombie around the office l simply saw that my landline was ringing … l watched and as l did so wondered what bloody moron thought this was funny as a prank call at this time of the day? It rang and l watched, it continued to ring and l continued to watch and then it stopped, and l was thinking, gees l had best get to bed!

However my mobile rang then, and as l looked at the number and not recognising it thought that perhaps l had best answer it as that was too strange as a coincidence, perhaps it wasn’t so much a moron, but more of some hapless muppet! So l answered … “Ermochblub, mumblewitchet, ssorryz …. hello?”

The person on the other end of the phone paused perhaps for effect …… “Mr Matier? Mr Rory Matier?”

“Er yeah, yes, sorry bit groggy, who is this?”

“This is your Mother’s emergency, your Mother has taken ill, and called for our services.”

“Oh fuck seriously?”

“Sorry? Are you actually awake Mr Matier?”

“Yes, l am now what’s the problem, is she alright?”

“Yes she pressed her care line device when she stumbled en route to the toilet at 2am this morning and she believes she blacked out. We have attended to her needs, she seems alright, but we have called for the paramedics. She is speaking to them on the landline now.”

“Right okay, thank you.” I answered, l mean what more could l say?

Suze stumbled through into the office as bleary eyed and as zombiefied as me, in fact the only one NOT awoken by any of this was Scrappy who was snoring soundly in her bed! With her came a thousand questions .. okay, not that many, but a lot for my brain to take in with the fresh news that now my Mother had taken ill.

So picking up the landline and my mobile, l told Suze not to worry, moved Scrappy’s bed in my room and went to bed with both phones on my bedside cabinet. After ten minutes, l text my Mother and asked if she was alright. Nothing came through until 5.57am this morning, and then we had a small text conversation until l rang her at 6.21am, just prior to the paramedics turning up! Glad the NHS considers my Mother’s health an emergency l thought.

“I am just off to St. Peters darling, we don’t know what the problem is just yet, l don’t know if l am staying in. I have tried contacting your Sister but no answer as of yet.”

“Well Mum listen up, l haven’t given you permission to be ill, just because it’s the start of the new year, l don’t have the time or the energy for you to be ill as well, nor anything else, ok? Otherwise both my parents will end up killing me and my Sister will reap the rewards of all of our hard work!” I laughed.

Thankfully she laughed too, but good grief Charlie Brown – really? Hopefully it’s nothing too damning! However my Mother can be a bit of a drama llama when she wants to, and this is about the right timing – a few months after my Dad’s passing and me being busy with all sorts of things, no l am NOT being overly cynical, l just know my Mum!

Dear Blog ……

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    1. Juat received a text, she is now home and told to rest up – Stress related, but she has a heart operation coming up and extremely high blood pressure for her age. We’ll see how her health is from this point on, however knowing her as l do, l expect some more drama yet.

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