Christmas Charades – Guessed – Night Train To Paris


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Christmas Charades

Can you name this film?

With each guess, can you explain how your guess was made.

For extra challenge points who were the three main leads in this film and what was the year it was released?

Correctly guessed by Julie de Rohan

1964/ Allza Gur/Edina Ronay/Leslie Neilson





Okay clues …

Four images …

Darkness, moon – what could this mean?

Tracks, railway, trams, – what else could this mean?

Cherries, is it the fruits, the colour, the quantity?

Moulin Rouge, where is that?

11 thoughts on “Christmas Charades – Guessed – Night Train To Paris

    1. You mean aside from the current four? They are easier than you might think Sadje, truly they are, l will have to think up clues in a non cryptic way without giving it away, as it is that easy …

      Moulin Rouge

      There we go, there are the clues lol! 🙂

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