Cheeky Blogging Politics

Cheeky Blogging Politics

Of late, l have come to wonder,
…. or is it to pondercate?
About how newbie readers discover,
Blogs they supposedly like and yet still they vacate,
To pastures further afield,
For reasons only known to them,
… never which are revealed,
To ourselves, why they chose to condemn,
Our creative labours which at first appealed?
…. To their actively enquiring minds,
But soon tired of ….
Tis baffling l tell you!!
There are no other emotions to describe the above!
…. And why they flew off into the blue!
One can only therefore decide,
That perhaps our creative wizardry,
Simply proved ‘too much’ and so they hide,
Themselves away into the folds of less bizarrely
… known writers …
Where they can learn the tricks of the blogging game,
Themselves becoming verified insiders,
Validating their own pen names,
Tis not a case of being less than genuine,
More so a case of simply understanding to become authentic,
They are not heartless uncaring Frankenstein’s,
Just unknowing newbies eager to become skilled in blog politics.

© Rory Matier 2019

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