When is a Door, Not a Door?

When is a Door, Not a Door?

I am not when you think l am …
Yes of course you think l should have said .
… where!
But that’s the beauty of being hidden,
Not to be seen there or anywhere
Because,  well that’s just downright forbidden!

I am on a mission, see?
Or rather not,
That’s the secret of secrecy!
Rubbish l am being inconspicuous!

You know, now you don’t see me ..
… and furthermore ….
I need to be unassuming,
Like when is a door, not a door?
It’s to do with colouring,
See – remember camouflage?
Well that’s me, just plain sneaksy,
Knowing when to disengage,
From sight and to become invisibly,
Not there!
You can’t see me, even when you simply think,
Was there something there a moment ago?
All l did was blink,
The something that was there, has merged into the shadow!
That, that is the image l am looking for,
Unrecognizably blurred and fuzzy,
Like that door,
Completely low key!

So, seeing as you simply cannot see me…
…at all, well l am not here being suspicious,
Just me being all of me and completely inconspicuous!

© Rory Matier 2019

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