Dear Blog … 20.21 – 31/12/18


Spots before my eyes!

[This may read comical, but…the reality of this is the darker side to my Father. The childish person, the vanity striven man who demanded people give him nothing but their time.]

I think l first noticed the spots in 2016 when l was visiting my Dad’s, Suze noticed them as well.  Back then what started out as red spots, soon blossomed into orange and yellow spots. They were everywhere, and were appearing in the strangest of nooks and crannies.

I remember asking my Dad about the spots and what he thought of them, where did they come from?

“They appear, and Anny is responsible for them!” Is all he said.

Suze and l discussed them briefly on our way home that day and said we would have to keep a watch on those blessed spots, because they looked painful, but didn’t seem to be causing him any problems. But why was Dad letting Anny give him these spots?

The next time we both saw those blessed spots was again at Dad’s in 2017 and this time he had them everywhere! They were all over him, and had started to now not just appear in red, yellow and orange but also blue and green. This time l had to voice my alarm!


“Dad why are there so many bloody coloured spots?”

“Because your Sister Jenny isn’t here!! I don’t want to discuss them, it’s just a bit of fun!”

However l wasn’t going to let it drop, because by now Dad must have had around 200 coloured spots!

“Dad, what gives with all these spots, l am quite disturbed by their presence, what gives?”

I should explain l feel …. my Father’s furniture, his ornaments, his personal belongings were covered in tiny coloured spots. Everywhere you looked, you could see hundreds of spots in an assortment of colours. One of his neighbours was responsible, or rather the 15 [in 2016] year old daughter of one of his neighbours had literally splurged my Father’s property with these bloody spots.

“Listen Rory, your Sister doesn’t care about me anymore, and Anny does, so everything that has a spot on is hers when l die! I am doing it to spite your Sister!”

“Right, so let me get this straight, my Sister has pissed you off, so in order to spite her, you are allowing this 16 year old little girl cover your property with coloured spots so that when you die, she can simply waltz in and take everything she has spotted? Have l got that right?!”

“Yeah what of it?” He answered challenging me.

“What happens if l want something to remember you by, l mean are you ‘spiting’ me as well then?

“No, just your Sister. Look it’s only a few spots on the cuddly tiger soft toys!”

“Dad, there are no soft toys with any spots on them. Everrything with a spot on has a value attached to it, and you are letting some kid waltz around your property claiming ownership for when you die, when you are still alive?? Is it just me that finds this somewhat childish and discomforting?”

“It’s just soft toys, how dare you challenge me – who the fuck do you think you are. Anny gives me hours and hours of joy! Your Sister is a waste of time! Anny is your new Sister!”

“Is she fuck my new Sister, she is a neighbours daughter, unless of course are you saying she is your child, have you Fathered another child Dad?”

“Don’t be absurd, l am just trying to teach your Sister a lesson!” Dad shouted back.

“Right and what about your Son, are you teaching me a lesson as well?”

“No, don’t be silly, but Anny is here, at my beck and call, she is like the daughter l never had!”

“Instead of allowing a child to place claim on your children’s inheritance, why do you not simply add Anny to the Will, and make this legal?”

My Father and l parted on not so good terms ………..

May 2018 [This year] The presence of the spots was overwhelming, Suze and l counted nearly 450 spots covering everything in the house and l do mean everything. By this time it wasn’t just soft toys – in fact they were the only thing that didn’t have any spots. Everything of high value except the stamps, the Wisdens and the photo albums did have spots. Walls of framed prints were covered in spots. valuable ornaments were covered in spots, you name it, well it was spotted. To boot, it was no longer the 16 now 18 year old spotting property it was her Mother – who had carefully gone through all of my Father’s items with a fine tooth comb and placed spots on all high end valuable items.

My Father’s Will didn’t include Anny, but a clause sheet did, and it said to award her with any soft toy furnishings she wanted. Which l would have honoured had they been spotted. However that hasn’t stopped them now challenging me to honour the spotted goods, and yet having done just that, as in allowing ‘Anny’ a choice of cuddly toys, strangely enough they don’t want those! I tell them, they legally haven’t got a leg to stand on, but l am honouring the clause of soft toys! They don’t want to know!

My Sister started to remove the spots when she was visiting my Father in his final days.

Having read all of my Father’s stories, estate administrations, letters and so on. In 2015 my Sister’s relationship faltered with my Father, and from that point on he started to spite her. He wanted to hurt her like she was hurting him. There was no mention of me, after all, l am only the Son, no little Princess.

My Father was a vain, vain nasty piece of work, who demanded people’s time and rewarded them with things. My Sister well currently with everything l now know, is simply a miniature version of him, without the logic. I can see why he started this stupid business with the spots, however as childish and spiteful as it all was and perhaps as deserving as l think my Sister is of nothing but shit at present. The clause only mentioned ‘soft toys’, but because my Father never emphasized that to the two responsible, l now have a newer additional battle on my hands – the battle of spotted vrs. unspotted!

Thanks a bunch Dad! Like l didn’t have enough to contend with in so far as an arrogant little spoilt brat of a Sister and now the arguments of a non-Sister who is just a wannabee!

I have to be honest and say l am sick to the back teeth of spots! I will be glad when this is all over! I can walk just away from it all and forget it, my Sister and everyone else connected to that bloody estate!

Dear Blog ……

8 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 20.21 – 31/12/18

    1. That’s my opinion Mel, but they seem to think they have rights. It’s got to the point that come the middle of this week, l will have to speak to my Solicitor to write to them, and lay down the law.

      Just when l think things are improving another piece of poop lands on the shit pile.

      1. When my grandma died my parents moved nearer to my Granddad as he not only missed his wife but he was starting to struggle with his health.
        Naturally my Dad got stuck in to helping with anything practical. He always used to help out when we visited anyway but we lived along way from them before. But living five minutes walk away, it was easy for my Dad to spend as much time as needed helping with repairs and maintenance.
        One of the neighbours accused my father of only helping so that he could make sure he got a mention in my grandfather’s will.
        Dad just laughed.
        The will had been the same from Day One. A three way split between my mum and her two siblings and a portion to some charities Granddad was passionate about. Nothing complicated. I have no idea what the neighbour was thinking!

        1. The biggest problem is this …………….it’s so complicated. I am now mentally drained and tired. I literally only yesterday managed to shred the last of the paperwork with my Father’s estates. He kept everything from twenty years ago, and that amount to 7800 sheets of paper that had to be manually shredded with our machine as in not allowed to simply tear it up and dispose of it.

          My Father’s estate administratively speaking is a complex nightmare. Not made easier by this current situation nor my Sister’s laziness and her being spoiled by the walking talking wallet.

          There are going to be wars soon, not of my making. But l suspect l will be fast tracked in surgery sometime in the new year and once that has happened, l will be more useless than now. There is even talk of no writing for several months, which l consider the easiest option, let alone no heavy lifting or moving stuff around.

          So l am now just in one huge combat zone, as said utterly and unecessarily complex 🙁

    1. It’s a nightmare, with the arrival of those spots Sadje and then the discovered meaning, l was astonished to learn of his absolute childishness.

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