Christmas Charades – Guessed – Children of Men


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Christmas Charades

Can you name this film?

With each guess, can you explain how your guess was made.

For extra challenge points who were the three main leads in this film and what was the year it was released?

Correctly guessed by Julie de Rohan




Three images, representing actuals and sounds like clues!

So what images do we have here?

Children playing

An emoji displaying what and if you get that what might it sound like and if that is guessed, shorten it!

Men arm wrestling

Lots of clues there alone, so what is this film? it’s an unusual Christmas film, but not to do with Christmas! Practically given this away!

There are Three words to this film Title

It is classed as a Drama/Fantasy genre film

It has three distinct acting leads … one of whom is notorious for only wanting ‘the bloody doors blown off’

17 thoughts on “Christmas Charades – Guessed – Children of Men

    1. For a wild card shot that is excellent it isn’t right, but it’s not far off the mark to the correct answer either, you are certainly on the right path Suze πŸ™‚

  1. Just read your extra clues so here’s my guess – is it that the 3 boys = Children, the emoji is “ugh”, sounds like and shortened = of, and the guys arm wrestling = Men. Children of Men. Michael Caine, Julianne Moore and Clive Owen, 2006.

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