Good Morning Folks



Well Gooooooooood Morning Folks!

Blimey Charlie one niner where has the year got to l ask myself? Sure, NYE is technically tomorrow, but ours starts from Midnight tonight. Be sure to check in on my posts of:

Top 30 Sitcoms

Top 30 Sci-fi/Horror series

New Yearโ€™s Eve Kneeโ€™s Up Blogger Brown Sing Along

During the course of today if you want to cast favourites and have them dedicated to you during the 24 hour bash – Midnight 30th December – Midnight 31st december 2018!

However let’s just enjoy some ‘Easy like a Sunday Morning‘ grooves for now!

Have a great day folks!


Akshaya Thulasi of From my Mind

Karen of Some Kind of 50

Khushbu Rastogi of Elite Star

Leesa Love’s Legacy


Lady D of 3C Style

Kim of the Writer Side of Life

Please drop by the following blogs and say hey, howdy and hi! All truly fabulous blogs and bloggers alike.

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