A Suicidal Cold Day



A Suicidal Cold Day


Lonely day white snow,
Ice splinters aglow,

Moistened by droplets,
Freshly sewn and hot,

Spreading upon ripening ground,
Peacefully glistening without sound,

Silently dawning upon,
Natures’ rising cold sun,

Solitude in final throes,
Alone as story goes,

Love disappearing into ruts,
Hardened soil covered somewhat,

Blinded by snow glare,
Frozen eyes fixedly stare,

Upward in hopeless plea,
Shattered soul now free,

Hollow thoughts now borne,
Upon breezes of no scorn,

Sadness trials this cold cold day,
Dying smile faded away,

Essence of life force,
Sluggishly drying in remorse,

Time has come now to mourn,
Death within winters’ rose thorn.

© Rory Matier 2009

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