Pimp Imp’s Dx4 for 12/28 — Vices!

Totally NORTY, wicked even, deliciously so!

Tao Talk


A Guy Called Bloke has asked for the scoop on the vices of Pimp Imp and his Norty Buddies.

Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds

28th Dec

“The Vices of New Year’s!”

Again being the Norty Imp that I am, my poem will be on The Vices of New Year’s Eve, not Christmas.

The Word of the Day Challenge is goal.  Fandango’s FOWC is adventure.

‘Twas the night before New Years’ and all through the club

Every creature was snorting to house tunes by Dub.

Us Imps were hung and hoping to get laid

We’d worked so much overtime for Christmas and had just gotten paid.

The ladies were strung out by the DJ with crinkles

While visions of powder had them offering their kinkles

Me in my leather and Scoobie in his cap

Had just settled down for hot dances on our laps

When out on the floor there…

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