Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 28th Dec


Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds

28th Dec

“Sheesh, orright alreddy Guv!”

The Guv’s been tellin’ me l ‘ad to ave at least another two Dastardly Deeds for ‘is challenge loike before l go away on the 2nd ‘anuaty. But it’s been ‘ard loike, let me tell you! My gang and l ‘ad a right dingaling ding dong of a Christmas Eve .. lm still recuvverin! we overindulged in everyfing! Food, cake, drink, food, choccies, more drink, even more drink, some more drink after that, then we went out loike in the village and got up to sum right norty bisness!

A right skinful and sinful if honest … so we figured that our challenge would be this … write a tale or story or even a poem if that’s your fing about …

“The Vices of Christmas!”

Now it can be norty, sinful, just right wrong, skinful or jus’ rotten, an’ if you aint done nuffink bad, then make it up! Simple!

By the way, the Guv, well he red us all your stories from before an’ they wos right luvvly, so well done!

I know you can do it, l have seen some right norty fings in my time let me tell you, but some of you are really norty!

Go on, go onnnnnnnn make Gimp an ‘appy Imp!!

Jus’ don’t make too much noize loike, cos we all have eadaches!

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