Bloggers Christmas Challenge Top 5 Christmas Songs for 12/27/18

An excellent Top 5 Song List from Li for Advent Challenge 27th Dec

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christmas challenge 2018 1227

A Guy Called Bloke’s Bloggers Christmas Challenge for the day is to create a Top 5 Christmas Song List.

Searching youtube with purpose, I found these 5 that all strike a chord with me as capturing aspects of the holiday season.

Lara’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago, for the snow and for the strong emotions.

O Holy Night” by Il (I L) Divo if this doesn’t give you the goosebumps I don’t know what will.

Santa and Jesus Duet” from South Park. (warning may be offensive to some)

My favorite Christmas story, “The Snowman”. The endearing beauty of the music and the story is like no other.

And…. #5 is by my favorite musical group, Pearl Jam, with “Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmas Time)”

Cold wind blows on the soles of my feet Heaven knows nothing of me I’m lost nowhere to go Oh when I was a…

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