Advent Calendar Adventures – 28th Dec – Answers


Answer Me this…Or Not, What?

Now this challenge had to change slightly due to the one can only imagine drunken disorderlies of Christmas …….. we will leave it as such, anyway, here were the rulings for this particular challenge…

We already have answers from various readers – found here

Answer the following questions the wrong way!

2 Points for every Right Wrong Right Answer and 2  Points for every Wrong creative answer.

What does Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother turn into a coach?

The Right answer was – Pumpkin

The German Christmas song Tannebaum is translated into English as what?

The Right answer was “O fir tree”, English: “O Christmas Tree”

What is the name of the ocean current that appears every 5 to 8 years around Christmas off of the Pacific coast of South America?

The Right answer was El Nino

Which nickname for Hollywood sounds Christmassy?

The Right answer was Tinseltown

According to the Bible, how did Mary get to Bethlehem ?

The Right answer was On her ass apparently, interpret that as you will!

British Children hang stockins up for Santa, what do Dutch children put out?

The Right answer was Nothing, Sinterklass puts presents in their shoes!

If you were celebrating Uphellia after Christmas, where would you be?

The Right answer was The Shetland Isles.

If you were born on Christmas day, what would be your Zodiac sign?

The Right answer was Capricorn.

In the film ‘Die Hard 2’, which airport did the terrorist take over on Christmas Eve?

The Right answer was Dulles International Airport (Washington DC) .

Who stole Christmas from the town of Hooville?

The Right answer was the grouchy Grinch

In North America, which organisation is always the first to spot that Santa is underway?

The Right answer was NORAD

The dragon-slayer, St. George, was born in Cappodocia. In which modern day country is Cappodocia?

The Right answer was present day Turkey [not the gobble gobble one]

What kind of net, found on many a Christmas tree in the Ukraine, is supposed to bring good luck?

The Right answer was a spider’s web.

So these are the actual answers for the 28th, and l shall now award points accordingly to the entries of:

Fandango of This, That and The Other

Sadje of Keep it Alive

Li of Tao Talk

Paula of Light Motifs II

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