Advent Calendar Adventures — December 28, 2018

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A Guy Called Bloke’s Advent Calendar Adventures for December 28 have been given to me as a challenge upon a challenge by Paula, who also answered them.  Please check out her creative answers by clicking on her name.

What does Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother turn into a coach?

An UBER stretch limo.

The German Christmas song Tannebaum is translated into English as what?

Tanning Ointment. It serves to give a tan and soothe the skin.

What is the name of the ocean current that appears every 5 to 8 years around Christmas off of the Pacific coast of South America?

The Columbusunean Flatulence

Which nickname for Hollywood sounds Christmassy?


According to the Bible, how did Mary get to Bethlehem ?

An UBER stretch limo.

British Children hang stockins up for Santa, what do Dutch children put out?

Tulip-shaped long johns?

If you were celebrating Uphellia after Christmas, where would…

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