Christmas Charades – Guessed – A Bad Mom’s Christmas



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Christmas Charades

Can you name this film?

Guessed Correctly by Paula Light of Light Motifs




So three images for this film title?

It is a Christmas Film

The Title has Four Words

It was released in 2017

11 thoughts on “Christmas Charades – Guessed – A Bad Mom’s Christmas

  1. Uh……okay lessee here….Red face, anger, mad, bad; green faced woman, spa treatment, facial; and Christmas decorations….??? Nope. Got nothing. I’m waiting for Sadje to chime in. She seems to be really good at this..

          1. Excellent – in my mind, yeah l know l made it ..however

            1st Image – angry = Bad
            But also
            2nd Image – Rad Mom = Bad Mom as in ‘wicked, cool, phat and cool’ and not a terrible Mom
            3rd Image = Christmas

            So well done – so l am guessing it’s what ? nearly 5am for you? If so happy Christmas Paula πŸ™‚

          2. Thanks… I think that was 2am. I wasn’t sleepy after driving around looking at lights and finishing my book. Only ended up with 5 hours sleep total. Luckily I have no plans today. Merry Christmas, Rory!

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