The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018




To the The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

18th December 2018 –  1st January 2019

2 Main Challenges & 1 Mystery Interaction Challenge!

Now last first and first last!

What’s this thing called the Mystery Interaction Challenge?


Well, l DON’T know!! No, that’s not entirely true, l do know, but l’ll give you one big clue in case you have missed it, are you ready?


No, l am joking with you!! The big clue is  ……..


Yes folks, the Mystery Challenge is all about interaction, as in you interacting with the overall challenge, all parts of it, in the way that you feel fit, but the ultimate aspect, is joining in with the fun!


The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

These are the ONLY 2 challenges in the competition, the ones where you have the option of taking part and contributing. I made this all about fun and joining in with the celebration of how YOU play with this month, or to be more precise the next 15 days! This challenge is all about you and how you wish to interact!!

I mean what could be easier? There is only ONE Rule and that’s simplicity in itself, “You have to be in to win! Apart from the other small fact – you have to interact!”

Please remember to give me tag so l don’t miss out on all of your fun.

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

Of course there are other aspects to it, we have our Stocking Fillers, such as the Top 75 Christmas Films and the Top 100 Christmas Songs countdowns, the old favourite Christmas Charades and our 12 days of Bloggers Dedication ooh golly, l wonder what that is all about? But also, there is the New Year’s Eve Knee’s Up Blogger Brown Sing Along!

But this is NOT complicated, and the only way it could be, is if you make it complicated yourselves. There are no 6 of this and 9 of that, nope! None of that! It’s all about fitting in with what you can do over the next 15 days.

All contributions and interactions are counted up! Sure you could simply like something without reading it, but you don’t know what l might make of that? I might assume you have read what you liked. Which might be confusing for you if you suddenly find yourself selected for something in the challenge! Ooooher!

Just remember it is actually about Interaction that’s the core principal to this challenge!


The 2 Main Challenges!

Advent Calendar Adventures
















Each of these squares leads to an Advent challenge/adventure. There is no restriction, you can open up as many of these squares as you wish for the duration of the challenge. You can repeat any of the challenges should you so wish and if you don’t wish to do some of the challenges that too is fine, all l ask is for a ping back to my Blog, so l don’t miss out on your fun and your entry.

There is a mixture of challenges in this calendar, quizzes, questions, things to do and taggings, a few stories, but nothing too taxing, it is after all the month to have a bit of fun!

This is challenge ONE – told you it’s easy!

Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds

I’ll hand you over to the Norty Imp Pimp himself …


“Yeah, right on, cheers M8ty! Well l’m not tellin’ ya nuffink just yet! That’s the whole point to being a ‘Norty Imp’ , you gonna just have to watch out, won’t yer loike? You jus’ best be prepared for mischief and mayhem, and a little bit of ‘ello ello, how’s your gnome doing then?”

Now my challenge will change daily reflectiv of me mood loike, but l sorta go wif the flow loike, a bit of norty imp one minut and mischief the next, know wot l mean? The guv’s challenge is a bit squeaky clean and geeky and mine aint! Mine’s more ruff and reddy loike!


Simples as easy peasy – yer gotta be in to win and it’s a fact – you have to interact!


6 Full sets of 4 Snifty Pens

The Mystery Interaction Prize @ £15 Amazon Voucher


Check out the Challenge Page

Golden Hints to this challenge!

Points are awarded for your interaction- so posts, tagging and interaction awards you points. Comments also award you points!

Some Rules are meant to be broken – remember that – use your creative imagination to make some challenges work better for your minds.

The Imp challenges are for a bit of fun, they are not designed to alienate you from bloggers or make you feel awkward, they are deliberately different to make you creat something unqiue.

7 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

  1. wow…..okay I get (almost) what you are doing and have actually managed ONE challenge..but that imp has me so confused I have no clue what he wants….will just have to keep trying with each of his….ummmmmmmm…suggestions? lol

    1. Panic not 🙂

      Suze, the Imp’s challenges have not yet started, l can hear him chuckling in the corner with Scrappy and there are lots of bark out louds and scribbling … who knows what these imps and gnomes get up to?

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