Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 24th Dec


Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds

24th Dec

We Imps, as in me, Gimp, Fugly and Glubby are is playful loike in a rogueish way. We don’t do right down orful fings like some of the trolls duz and those dreadful demon imps, no, no, nope! I fink in all ‘onesty we are sadly misunderstood as a species. People look down on us loike we is the worst fing you could ‘ave by your side. But we is loyal, if anyfink! We is loyal to the guv loike, and he says we wos allowed free reign on our side of the competitishen! Some of our ‘dastardly deeds ‘ave been frowned upon, and yet its just fun, albeit alright alright perhaps slightly sneakshee but it’s just fun. We aint no ‘oh how so lovvly elfs’ loike, we is imps!

Now that aside … today’s dastardly deed involves the followin!

The Guv says he ‘as readers who can write propa scary stories and we dont beleeve ‘im! So we figured we would put that to the test!!

Can you write a propa scary Tale using any of the ideas below?

The Haunted Christmas Ornament

Santa’s Accidental Smelly at number 15 Pine street!

Trolls are for life not just Christmas!

Norty List Imps Steal The Good List!

Reindeer Lost on Christmas Eve!

Now they’re just ideas loike, ‘ow you write your tale’s on it, well that’s down to you! But they gotta scare an imp, cos the guv says ‘es gonna read them to us tonight!

Now bein’ fair to ya, ‘eres an ‘int, wot imps are really terrafyed of is stories that are really ‘orrible and then suddenly come good, you know, loike a ‘appy ending, thyre really scary!


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