Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 22nd Dec


Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds

22nd Dec

Fugly and Glubby came up wif this ‘ere challenge, ‘ardly dastardly, ‘ere that rhymes loike, but as eriginally sed we is Imps, we make the rules up as we go along. Not loike the elfs who ‘ave to stick to the grand scheme of tings accordin’ to the big guy! Nah not us, the guv sed we wood have a free reign and we duz!

[well wifin reason o’ course! But l know alreddy there’s sum right Norty ones ‘ere anyway!]

Meet Fugly and Glubby, Fugly’s the gel of our little quad, no l don’t either, the one who ansa’s to her name is Fugly!


Right, you’re in playgroup again!

Who is everybody?

Your Bestest Imp Friend?

The Imp always face first in the sticky glue pot?

The sneaksy thieving Imp always stealin’ your crayons?

That annoying Teachers Pet Imp [That wos Gimp in my year]?

The nastiest nose picking Imp?

The Bully Imp

Your first love Imp?

The taking the pee Imp?

The foolish Imp?

Now this is easy loike, you put in the names of your readers that best sit wif this title – then those tagged ‘ave to do the same!

Disclaimer: This is a fun post – it is to be seen only as a fun post, it is NOT suggesting that you have thieves in your midst.


4 thoughts on “Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 22nd Dec

  1. I know this is all in good fun, but none of my readers are bullies or thieves. I may have a few butt-pickers, but I don’t think I have nose pickers. I’m skipping this one. Have a wonderful holiday.

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