Christmas Charades – Guessed – Serendipity


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Christmas Charades

Can you name this film?

Successfully Guessed by Julie de Rohan





Now this is at my own concession a hard film title to guess. There are four images here, that whilst do not ‘specifically’ enable syllables – if you were to establish the word part each image does represent, you could very easily crack this clue for a ‘one worded film title’.

The film was released in 2001

Our film title is made up of four images = one word so what you are looking for is as follows:

_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _[_]/_ _ _

11 Letters

The two main characters to the film were an American and a British Actor/Actress

Successfully Guessed by Julie de Rohan

19 thoughts on “Christmas Charades – Guessed – Serendipity

  1. it almost could be heartbreak Hill except that is two words so doesn’t count……there’s winston churchill and just a sound could be wi or win or st or ston or church or hill or even just chu…………i am pretty sure now yer just making up movie titles…

    1. Okay here is a clue on the first clue what is the full name and title of that man? Then once you have those 3 words look at the smallest and that might be the word you seek to start off the clue and when you have that word, twist it slightly.

  2. braveheart or IRIS. it’s british and so is sir Winston (plus he is mentioned in the film), it’s a broken-hearted love story thus the broken heart, she is given red roses by her husband but she doesn’t remember who he is due to alzeheimers and there are multiple swimming scenes……….and that is wrong, isn’t it? lol

    1. Hey Julie – yes it is – well played.

      l will explain how l got it and then please tell me what it was that gave it to you πŸ™‚

      Sir Winston Chruchill …
      Sir was the word, but with a twist … Ser

      Game Over …

      Boy jumping in pool [crossover words]

      Flowers of mourning

      Well done πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you! It was a tough one – I needed all your clues to help me. Once I got Sir-end the rest just came to me. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale wasn’t it?

  3. Heartbreakers (except that’s too long), Serendipity (although I can’t see HOW that would be it, nothing except the kid ‘dipping’ into the pool fits),

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