Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 20th Dec


Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 20th Dec

Right, well, you lot did pretty well first time …’owever, l got a few more questions loike, seein’ as l didnt ask ’em all first time around, because l was a bit headachy following the previous nights skinful, so lets get crackin’ again shall we?

In orda for me to see how dastardly l can be, l need to know loike how dastardly devious you all are in the first place. An lookin’ at the challenge boards, l see l got me work cut out! So far we got 2 Downright Norty’s, 1 Somwhat Norty and 2 Right Proper Norty … got a bit of a way to go before l see a Nothing But Norty which is the highest grade you can ‘ave loike!

My challenges are a little bit different to his, and l am not even that sure wot thay’re gonna be till l post ’em. I drink ‘eavy like, so l get up late! Might be one a day, might not be that ‘ell, might even be two a day!

I grade people on their overall nortyness, that’s the way to me heart! So you’re either somewhat nortyish [needs a lot of work], downright norty [needs no work] and right proper norty [might teach me a few fings!] Of course, we have my new grade of Nothing But Norty  … wot, whaddya mean, you nevva knew about it? Course you wouldn’t l have just added it aint l, lm’n Imp, it’s wot we do! Crank it a bit higher!


You SAY, you’re Norty, BUT Are You?  Really?


Your neighbour next door is creating a helluvva a din!! It’s a Sunday, not even 7am, so nothing decent about it, just bang, bang, bang, whaddya do about it?

Be polite, ignore it or stomp ova there and give ’em a piece of your mind, or maybe, something even nortyier?


Me and the boys we like to prank a bit, now l know l askt you this before loike, but what about joking, which we fink is different to pranking? Are you up for a bit of a laugh all the time, you know a bit of a sneaksy giggle on the side?


‘ave you ever prank called someone and pretended to be someone you aint for a giggle?


Even we Imps know about the Internet and the ‘trolling’ that goes on, they can be right fugly swines dem trolls, ‘ave you eva trolled anyone not nasty loike, but for fun?


Right your in you metal box with wheels and you are late for something that you ‘ave to be at like NOW, do you speed to get there?


Do you have to watch what you eat at Christmas or is it well you know, live for now type of fing?


Have you ever, deliberately  … mm, perhaps, maybe, taken someone’s decorations down outside their ‘ouse? you know loike for a laugh?


Right, what’s your most annoying habit, but you pretend loike that its not, but you know it drives uvva people nuts, and you get a giggle out of their frustration?


Here’s one that’s always a good indicator for me … right in your own words when l say the word Norty, how does that cum across to you? How do you see Norty as meaning?


If you ‘ad to describe yourself as one of the following what would you pik and why?






Sumthing else that we aint ‘eard of …


Have you ever played that card game er, what’s it called, ‘ang on “Fugly wots that game called we wos playing last night with the Tooth fairy and the Bunny?That’s it, right, have youe ever played Cards Against Humanity and if so, did you win or lose?


Wot is the word that rhymes with Orange? [Easty Bunny wonts to know loike!]


Does you show your appreciation for good food and drink in the time given tradtion of burpin’, belchin’ an’ fartin’ out loud loike, or are you one of these timid sorts?


‘ave you ever gone into a public place and played a prank on the general public at large? One of my favourites is to pretend that l see the silly reindeer in the sky on the Eve and point and shout “Oh ma Gord LOOK reindeer flying high!” [When l have people looking l run orf!]

If you’ave done something loike that, wot wos it?


Right leave your answers at the bottom, or make a post if you want, either way all good. Let’s see who is squeaky clean or right proper norty! Thisll sort you lot out, then me and the uvvers can get down to somfink else next time!


5 thoughts on “Pimp Imp’s December’s Delightful Dastardly Deeds 20th Dec

  1. I’m going to be naughty and answer these here:
    1. Ignore it
    2.I’m not real big on pranking or “joking around”. I’m a stick in the mud.
    3. Ah, now that’s a different kind of fun. We didn’t “prank” but my friend and I loved to just punch in numbers until something connected. We called all over the world. Before cell phones. Apparently her phone bill was in the hundreds…lol.
    4. Not a troll in the slightest.
    5. Never. Nothing is so important as to risk your life or others.
    6. Um…we don’t have much food, so I never have to watch anything.
    7. Never. Why would I?
    8. With a teenager in the house? Simply existing is annoying to him.
    9. On one hand naughty…but, again, with a teenager in the house, it also means you have the hots for a teacher.
    10. Sprite…cause I like them.
    11. Obviously! I play it all the time online. Sometimes win, sometimes lose.
    12. Banana
    13. Nope
    14. Nope…stick in the mud.

    1. Good stuff Teresa, a point extra for putting the answers here! Right Norty, but see, that’s the name of this ‘ere game. My Challenge is still to take off, an’ l am trying find the story tellers amongst you all – the guv did tell ya, there’d be stories to tell 🙂

      I am gonna award you somewhat norty Teresa as you are getting into the spirit of it, or is that the sprite of things, l have a pal over here who is a Celtic spriggan and he’s a right one l can tell you!

      Well played 🙂

      ps – we don’t do trollish behaviour either- can’t stand them big fugly sorts they are!

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