All I Want …


All I Want …

‘Tis indeed cold this fine December morn,
Yet of strong sun of such brilliance,
There’s talk of a white Christmas lawn,
…. if true, oh how children will dance,
Now not far from that crispest of days,
When twinkles, coloured bows and packing,
Lay strewn across homely floor ways,
Delightful screams and joy of discovering,
Of what arrived overnight,
From a man of such ancient wisdom,
History, belief and bright light,
Beckoned into our world…
….from a magical kingdom,
By the spirits of little minds,
Thinking of elves and flying deer,
Ice castles of mystique and kind,
Thoughts from the one known as ‘Dear …
Twas such a long day ago for me,
When l too thought this way,
Oh and how l recall with sweet memory,
Looking forwards to the special day,
When l would awaken at the crack,
Of dawn, and race downstairs,
To see beneath the tree’s high stack,
Dazzled by the bright colours,
Of parcels, of all shapes and sizes,
Long, small, odd and bizarre,
Wrapped carefully so as to disguise,
Truth of hidden secrets of desire,
And now much, much older,
…but not always the wiser,
I look out the window now at colder
Dawn and think this is a biter,
Not long now, for that day comes,
When preparation hell,
Starts for dads and mums,
Forgetting not grandparents as well!
And my Christmas wish to you all,
Is for a merry time in everything you do,
And for those whom wish it …
… a wintry snowy fall,
On the day that your children, family,
.. And loved ones’ dreams come true.

© Rory Matier 2016

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      1. You’re welcome. I was just making use of this opportunity to thank my fellow bloggers who have given me encouragement along the way. Please don’t feel pressure to respond.

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