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1 Days Before The Challenge Starts

The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

18th December 2018 –  1st January 2019

Over the last few months of creating these challenges, l have learned much from my fellow bloggers – my community of what works and what doesn’t work. If we go too simple – no one responds, if we go too complicated, then the fun aspect disappears, so in the tradition similiar almost to that of the porridge and the three bears l find l have had to sit down and try and establish what each blogger wants to see and take part in, and more importantly what they are willing to take part in … in other words what’s considered just right?

Some bloggers like nothing more than writing stories and tales of imagination, others enjoy charades and fun loving interaction. Then we see those who adore questions and quizzes. We have both observers and participants alike – yes we do. We see those who like to not specifically interact but just like to watch, and then be carefully teased into action, whilst many love nothing more than the rip roaring challenge side and are all hands on from the starting pistol’s flare.

So this challenge was hard to try and think about how best to get it going. But it’s Christmas for many, December for others and just another month for the remainder.

The last challenge which seems like ages ago now, was the Halloween Challenge. People loved it, but many found it too busy, too complicated to follow ….mmm, what a conundrum?

So this challenge is going to work slightly differently – different for starters in terms of winners.

Let’s go back to when l first thought about these challenges, they were designed to introduce some fun and help me offload my Snifty pens.

Well l still have loads of Snifty pens to offload. This time around, l intend to send out six full sets of four pens and award an ultimate prize of one £15 Amazon voucher, but the latter [A/Voucher] will NOT be decided by me, but by one of my judges and they don’t know who they are yet.

But the big prize is for the blogger who particpates the most in their eyes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the ultimate winner will be an active writer, party goer or even contributor.

The pen winners, yes most assuredly they will be involved in all of the aforementioned activities.

So who knows, who that might be? I certainly don’t, neither do the judges.


The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

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I suppose the big question really, is this?

Will there be a panto?

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  1. hummmmmm, wouldn’t be the new year I suppose since that is so bloody obvious….ya got me. will keep watching for additional clues….lol

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