Dear Blog … 00.14 – 15/12/18


The Pains I Go To …

Following a spasm yesterday evening, all my well laid out and oiled plans to write The Babysitter, Dancing the Frug and From Blunder to Sunder have been shot to shit.

Despite tablets, l am so growing tired of all this pain, it’s taxing my very inner core, and dragging me down to the bottom of the pile as far as motivation goes.

I am going to have to seriously up my game or overdose on tablets to get the Christmas Challenge drawn up, blimey even the Imp Pimp is giving me a hard time! Must be bad when a devilish and somewhat Naughty Gnome feels the need to put the boot in!

I am sitting here trying to think straight as a first! If it’s not the pinched nerve in my neck then it’s my right shoulder and when specifically neither one it’s both at the same time!

I have so had enough of this, if l don’t include the time the pain was under the NHS attention radar from January, then l have still been in absolute agony since June, and that is now six months with no progression, no appropriate medication, no respite.

Most days l now use a soft neck brace used by those on long haul flights, to try and ease something, but truth be known nothing is awarding pain relief.

So had enough of all this.

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 00.14 – 15/12/18

  1. There are times you need to stop – the body needs time and rest to attempt to heal. Consider how long it will take to heal if you go too far and break something else – I broke my neck and took 7 years to learn how to walk again. Message – take the time out to rest and give the body an opportunity to heal.

    1. I have slowed down, but if l didn’t write, l don’t know what l would do with myself. Mostly these days, l hardly write, share, reblog, and short content and it’s driving me insane with frustration.

      I couldn’t just watch mindless Tv all day as someone suggested the other day.

      But thank you 🙂

  2. So sorry you’re still suffering with all this Rory ;O( I’m with everyone else, you need to give your body time to heal and the only way of doing that is through rest, perhaps with a meditation thrown in for good measure. xxx

    1. Morning, yes it’s a catch 22. I know l should be taking it easier, l am guilty for not, but l am now so restricted to what l can actually do, it’s becoming more irksome to not do anything. So l wiggle what l can, take short breaks, get up, walk around, and start again.

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