Dear Blog … 18.49 – 13/12/18


Some people drive me insane!

My Sister is an absolute idiot!

I wish l could say more, l wish l could make this look beautiful, glamorous even, but l can’t. My Sister is petty and doesn’t like to be told that she may be wrong about things even when it’s clearly apparent that she is.

She is simply an idiot, it’s okay folks, she thinks l am idiot too.  We are therefore idiots together. The one difference is that l don’t pretend to know everything about things. If l don’t know l will seek out the answers to questions l have or talk to people who do know the answers.  I will not think them foolish or stupid, l will not criticise them for providing the answers to the questions l asked of them, but thank them for their knowledge.

I go out of my way to be polite to people and help where l can. I do not look down on people. If l call someone an idiot, l do so because they are one!

My Sister has gone out her way today to provoke and criticise me to the best of her abilities because she asked questions of me and l provided her with the answers. I even provided links to back up what l was saying, to display that it wasn’t just my opinion but factual.

So a ten page letter was sent to her and it outlined everything we need to do to move forwards with my Father’s estate. It did not request anything hard from her, l made it easier because she works full time. But l am not going to suffer foolish behaviour gladly when there is no need for it.

However, it doesn’t matter what’s laid out, because she doesn’t want to do anything. I am too pushy apparently, l don’t know what l am talking about. Our solicitor is useless as well. It doesn’t matter than he has been a quality solicitor for thirty years and his specialist field is probate, no, he is as useless as a fart in a collander apparently! He ‘doesn’t’ know what he is talking about.

Even to the point of basically reading with her own two eyes the absolute 100% facts, everybody is wrong!

My Sister is an idiot and l am related to her, that makes me an idiot as well!

I give up, l really do!

Dear Blog ……

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