Daily Fun Three


Name Three …

Three of your childhood books?

Three of your best memories?

Things that are yellow and triangular?

Wishes you would like to be granted if you had a magic genie lamp?

Beautiful places you have ever visited?

Things you fall back on to make you feel better when having a bad day?

Things that best describe your family?

Of your favourite blogs?

Things you would choose if you had ten minutes in your favourite store if you didn’t have to pay for them?

Dishes you can cook in less than 15 minutes and ready to eat direct from serve?

Pet peeves?

Bird species beginning with the name G?

Of your most favourite letters from the alphabet?

Of the most boring things you have ever done?

Questions you would ask of your pet if you could?

Of your favourite cartoons from now or when younger?

Of the emoticons you use the most when writing or in social media or comments?

14 thoughts on “Daily Fun Three

    1. But push come to shove l guess l might answer a yellow street sign, a yellow sweet, a yellow Christmas decoration, a yellow piece of cardboard, a yellow nacho cracker ………

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