The Naked Strewthpidity of Camp Tantra 1991 – 1



The Naked Strewthpidity of Camp Tantra 1991 – 1

Some of you may be familiar with this story The Art of Wearing only a Smile 1991 and some of you may not, however 1991 as a year was extraordinary to say the very least. A lot happened, and when l say that – l really mean that. A LOT HAPPENED!

I have been meaning to write this story for the past week or so, but restrictions and distractions have gotten in my way, however l am now starting it, l do believe it will be a four parter.

You may recall my post of December 7th entitled The Best Things I have Ever Done Naked!! where upon l asked the readership of the various items l;isted which would they prefer to see written about? I did this in support of our very own Nude Skiier Fandango to show solidarity. Of the 13 items listed, l have completed two as they were already stories within the Stories and Tales Directory already. Of the remaining however these are the ones that are to written about in this 4 part post:

Skinny Dipping

Nude Mud Wrestling

Naked Flying Fox

Water Skiing a la Natural

White Water Rafting, Well Canoeing Anyway!

Dancing The Frug

From around 1988 to 1991 and during that year and up until 1993 l was what many would best describe as a male tart, l was incredibly and without shame promiscuous as hell! Those five years were quite possibly what my family classed as my most damning years or as l prefer to coin them, my most eye opening years. In 1991, l was a devout aficionado on sex. In fact so religious was l in the persuit of this delicious activity that l actaully turned it into an active hobby. I shit you not! If anyone asked l would answer wholeheartedly to the question of “What are your hobbies?” I would say “Sex, sex, and more sex, writing, music and fashion and working!” Most people would laugh, but not those who knew me well, as they knew l was deadly serious.

I even had to at one point go and see someone due to a small incident at work, and my employers strongly urged me to go and see the person on the ‘business card’ thrust into my hand with a stern look and the warning of “See them OR ELSE!!” Who could help me resolve any inner conflicts l might have dwelling deep within me! Luckily enough l was made redundant and so l did go and see someone but purely by way of falling down some stairs, but that is another story and another series : Accidental Entry 1991

In 91, l started seeing Clare, who please forgive my crassness here, wasn’t just fit, or a sort, but remarkably buff! it so happened that her Father was a “Tantric Sex Instructor”, yes you read that right – Instructor. He who could mentor you on how to reach your truest potential sexually, increase your sensuality, become one with your mind and that of your partner, to identify lots of different things’ that could lead to powerful orgasms! So as a keen enthusiast to this hobby, l absorbed all of this willingly!

After our first Tantric Discovery weekend and me getting over the little first night incident shall we say, Clare told me a couple of weeks later, that her Father was running Camp Tantra, an action packed exploratory five day event, that would include water skiing, mud wrestling, canoeing, hiking, flying fox, climbing activities and so on and asked would l like to go? “Well does a bear shit in the woods?” I said.

So she booked us both in, and l can tell you l was getting very excited about the whole prospect, not having done anything this yeehah adventurous since my scouting days. The night before we were due to leave, l asked Clare what she was packing? She said “A few pairs of knickers, a few tee shirts, maybe a pair of shorts, some jeans, and of course boots. You will not need much else hun, trust me on this. However you might want to get hold of a couple of pairs of sheaf underwear.”

“What underwear?” I asked genuinely curious.

“Sheaf underwear, but thong jockeys are just as good, or even speedo’s.” She answered nonchalantly.

“So not boxer shorts then, something more specific?” I asked still somewhat baffled.

“Don’t worry, l’ll pick you up some tomorrow before we go. A little surprise gift for you, okay?” She answered smiling and giggling at the same time.


I am not going to tell you where we went for this Camp Tantra Adventure Break, if you are that interested, Tantra is still very much a thing for couples as is the celebration of sensuality and sexuality. But l know from reading that these breaks or camps if you prefer are all around the world today and still very much an activity sourced out by interested parties. The thing you really have to remember is to have an open mind and not view sex or pleasure as a taboo subject. It isn’t about egotistical or pervish behaviour or  even purely for the likes of exhibitionists, its core attribute is allowing yourself to discover you, the real you and not be shy. About knowing what you like and then giving into it without feeling guilty. For me, it was all about ‘expression’, and you know how l feel about expression! Exactly!! I love the vibrancy of it!


Clare drove and we rocked up at our destination around midday which wasn’t bad timing from leaving London at just before 9am. We had to check in, and we had ourselves our own little cabin in the woods right beside a lake. “Courtesy of my Dad, allows us to have some more privacy to explore .. wink wink!”

Which was really nice, because l had made such an impact on the previous event, that l was a little concerned about how he might be towards me. He had put me through my ‘strokes’ the day after the dinner, but Clare assured me he liked me as did a dozen other ladies! She then instructed me to sit down and listen to what she had to say about the Camp.

“Rory it’s a form of nudist camp, but not. So l don’t want you prancing around here strutting your stuff, there is a time to be naked, in so far as the workshops and the activities but not turn up at the canteen in the nude ok?” She looked at me with her serious face.

Whilst l had heard everything she had said l was still getting over something she said which was “there is a time to be naked, in so far as the workshops and the activities”.

“Yeah l get it, but what exactly do you mean when you say ‘activities?” I asked

Clare looked genuinely stumped, “Which part?”

“Well you said there is a time to be naked in so far as the ‘workshops’, okay fine, like a couple of weeks ago on the beach, but what do you mean by naked activities precisely? we are naked or semi -clad?”

“You are my boyfriend, and if l am naked you are naked, and when l am not naked or semi-clad you are that way too.”

“But didn’t you say there was water skiing and flying fox here and hiking?” I asked with a slight amount of hesitation.

“Yes, why what’s up?”

“So water skiing  naked then is what you are saying, and walking naked on a hike and flying naked then through shrubbery?” I asked, seeking clarity.

“Yes of course … well with a few exceptions. Skiing, l have got you a sheaf thong, l am sure you’ll how do l say this? Grow into it!” She giggled seductively.

“You are NOT talking a willy warmer on a string are you? It’s not bloody wool is it?!” I asked genuinely alarmed

Well Clare knew all about my Willy Warmer Wool Wobble incident when l was 17, and was quick to assure me that it was a stretchy breathing material, but with everything going on, l really couldn’t afford to walk around with an erection unmasked all day.

“On the hike you can wear boots you know, and pending the weather a tee shirt or shorts, but just follow my lead ok?”

“Yeah, yes, sure yep, l am good ok, l will follow your lead. No problem, l don’t have a problem being naked in the nuddy, nude or everything like that but l am not that into losing bits of me, and you know Clare l can be somewhat clumsy!”

“Rory what’s the worst that can happen honestly?” She teased. “We are here to have fun, and talking of which l am going for a swim in the lake are you coming?”

With that, Clare stripped off everything she was wearing and ran to the waters of the lake, ran through and then dived when it became deeper. I followed suit as instructed and for the first time in my life felt the remarkable high octane pleasure of skinning dipping – Huah was that cold! But we found a way of warming ourselves up later, which was great fun!

I lay awake that night in bed thinking that l could now scratch skinny dipping off my list of fun things l wanted to do, but l also worried a little thinking on what Clare had said “What could go wrong?” Even at that point in my life l knew that would appear on my gravestone!


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  1. “but l also worried a little thinking on what Clare had said “What could go wrong?” Even at that point in my life l knew that would appear on my gravestone!” lol that’s hilarious

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