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So another day slowly closes the door upon us all, well most assuredly me!

Good grief what a monster of a day, literally only got back in, 14 hours out of the house! So much for a ‘whistle stop!’ Suze and l have worked our proverbial nuts off today, and even Scrappy is knackered bless her, and she hurt herself as is now all a hobble! Really made a dent in the house today …but the inevitable occured! War was declared on me, by my half wit of a Sister. I am now a Brother pushed too far!

No call out tonight l am afraid l am just way too tired and my neck is caning!

I wish you all a fantastic time where ever you arein this world of ours, be this blogosphere or that funny world outside this sphere, whatโ€™s it called again? Oh yes the real one!

Doodlepip, Rory & Imp Pimp signing out!

Night All


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