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So another day slowly closes the door upon us all, well most assuredly me!

Good grief what a monster of a day, literally only got back in, 14 hours out of the house! So much for a ‘whistle stop!’ Suze and l have worked our proverbial nuts off today, and even Scrappy is knackered bless her, and she hurt herself as is now all a hobble! Really made a dent in the house today …but the inevitable occured! War was declared on me, by my half wit of a Sister. I am now a Brother pushed too far!

No call out tonight l am afraid l am just way too tired and my neck is caning!

I wish you all a fantastic time where ever you arein this world of ours, be this blogosphere or that funny world outside this sphere, what’s it called again? Oh yes the real one!

Doodlepip, Rory & Imp Pimp signing out!

Night All


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