‘‘Twas The Blog Before Christmas…”

Hic, hic – peace to everyone, hic, hic except Dave, because well Dave, well Dave is a prick!

This is so good, l had to RB it and probably will from now till Christmas!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Here, if needed, is proof of why I should NEVER be left to my own devices.. I’ve tried to add as many bloggers as possible. If I follow you and you’re not here thank your lucky stars it’s because I ran out of original sin!!

‘Twas The Blog before Christmas

And throughout WordPress

Not a Blogger was stirring

Not even “Our Mel,” the Caramel Goddess

The posts were all scheduled

Curated and checked

The reader was loading new posts to inspect

Good bloggers were snoring and farting in bed

While dreams of SEO (and other weird shittery I don’t understand) danced in their head

Then notifications went off with a clatter!

I woke, WTF – to see what was the matter

I opened up Windows and exited Flash

Pop ups kept appearing, WordPress wanted cash!

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But Bottomless Coffee with a…

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