Dark Rose, Dark Light


Dark Rose, Dark Light

Should l look deep into the dark of night,
To remember all that we were,
Reliving memories of when all was right,
When our love was only pure?

Alone with my thoughts and no abrasion,
Of heart was yet delivered,
Love so profound and needing no suasion,
Nor one that yet had been disfigured,

Sadness does slightly creep within,
Weakening of my eyes do l feel,
Shadows lingering,
Nightmares of which never heal,
Holding no longer back, raw emotions,
Shedding like skin off my heart,
Hot welling tears that now reopen,
Of the day we were to part,
Blackest pains pulling on my soul,
Swallowing my spirit yet again,
Times past edging and taking toll,
Of truth and just realisation,
Peaceful dreams drift with me not,
Despite laying with you nightly,
Haunting visions of dank, dark rot,
Awakening to spectres so unsightly,
Farewells not forgotten of final day,
Hollow life has passed me by,
And soon, again, together we will be,
Time will come when l no longer cry,

Ghosts of today will be whole tomorrow,
No longer will l need to look deep into the night,
For together we will be, no more sorrow,
Soon my love, my dark rose, my dark light.

Β© Rory Matier 2012

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