321 Quote Challenge – Creative Writing

via 321 Quote Challenge – Creative Writing

Kristian sums up ‘writing beautifully’

What did my creative writing class teach me?

  1. Writing can take up a lot of your time.
  2. Everyone writes in their own style, there is very little you can do that is wrong (except spelling and grammar).
  3. There is no point in writing something and not sharing it. It is only in its reading does the writing start to exist. Reading brings it to life. Writing only puts it on the page or the screen.
  4. Feedback is useful and constructive. 


5 thoughts on “321 Quote Challenge – Creative Writing

  1. love the idea that writing only exists once it is read – have never thought of it in such a way – and it’s going to be my excuse for sharing a lot more 😊✌☮

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