fun 3, December 6

Answers indeed, but to what question?

Throwing out your back…non-stop projectile vomiting….babysitting a grandchild with the pox.

suziland too or obsolete childhood

Rory, A guy called bloke and K9 doodlepip, does this name 3 challenge every day.

I have no clue how he manages to come up with so many posts.

I can barely keep up…..but I try.

So here we are with three more things to name……..


Things you can find in a garbage/rubbish/trash can beginning with the letter D?

Things that can be found floating on the wind?

Things in a river that are not fish?

Things found around the house beginning with the letter E?

Animals that don’t have the letter E in their name?

Bands/Groups that have three [3] in their name [not a song]?

Holidays/Vacations that only involve visiting ruins?

Things that can seriously ruin your day?

Roman Gods?

Animals that lay eggs? [Monotremes ]

Three letters in the alphabet that don’t sound the same as the other letters?

Gemstones that start with the…

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