Dear Blog … 15.35 – 07/12/18


The STUFF we do ………or not!

I haven’t been to my Father’s place now since early November. My Sister has been once every week on a Thursday! “Doing stuff!” She says.

Tomorrow, Suze and Scrappy and l are off on a jolly to my Dad’s place to also ‘Do Stuff’.

Ok, here are the recent stuff to do lists, based upon location per sibling.

My Sister living 35 miles from Dad’s property @40 minutes travel time one way.

Seek price for furniture and provide me with value.

Advertise recently purchased brand new and not used orthropaedic recliner.

Talk to neighbours about any memento’s they might like and to allow them to collect on Thursdays.

Organise three valuations for the property to be placed into the sales market 2019. [Should be easy as my Sister is an ex property agent]

Clear out to Homeless charity all of Dad’s clothing which was her suggestion.

Box up all of the cuttlery, crockery, glassware and what nots ready for collection.

Me living 110 miles away from Dad’s property @ minimum 2.5 hours travel time one way.

Organise and arrange for book collector valuer to itemise collctions for probate.

Organise with localised specialist auctioneers to place our valued goods into auction in December.

Organise valuer for 45’s/78’s vinyl record collection for probate.

Organise valuer for military items for probate.

So what’s been done from both sides?

I have done all of my list and have appointments establised tomorrow, hence the reason for my visit.

My Sister, has not done anything, oh sorry l lied there! She has allowed one of Dad’s friends to have his ties.

So tomorrow, Suze and l now must get the clothing off to the homeless charity, advertise the recliner, notify the neighbours, meet with all of the pre-organised valuers and box everything else! It was originally planned to be a ‘flying visit’ of perhaps a few hours, and now it looks set to be a much longer visit.

But the good news is she tells me, “I have cleared out all of my photo albums!”

Sweet! That’s good news then!! I was getting mighty worried about that, let me tell you!

I think it’s a good job that my Sister isn’t there tomorrow, because l think Suze wants to rip her head off.

Dear Blog ……

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 15.35 – 07/12/18

        1. I think the bigger problem, is that because of the fact that my Sister is out of the house travel time for under two hours and we are out of the house for a minimum of five provided traffic is fine. Suze working all week, leaving the house at 8 and back in by 7, looks forward to her weekends which is fair do’s. So a whistle stop has now become almost a full day a wasting. Which is most assuredly not fair.

          My sister is basically screwing us all around, and needs boffing!

          There is NO polite way to say it.

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