321 Quote Me with Cinderella Today

Sometimes it is a case of out with the old to make space for the new 🙂

Miraculous Smile

I was nominated to be a princess… how exciting is that?!?! Thank you Mel for bringing me into the magic of Cinderella! This originally stemmed from Rory who is famous for tag in our blogging community!

I have thought about what to post for this long and hard because I do not own glass slippers, high heals, or a blue dress! Yes, I do have some nice shoes and dresses but nothing that matches what Cinderella would wear. That isn’t the point of this tag though is it? I didn’t think so either. Cinderella left a life of old for a new exciting life with a prince! She had faith that what she was stepping into would be right for her. She also brought others into the picture that would otherwise be left in the dark. Now this is something that I can relate to… even if I do…

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