White Elephant Challenge

Twas the gifts made from Heaven!

Beauty lies within yourself

I thankRoryfor nominating me for this unique challenge and I personally found this challenge very Interesting.Teresa of Haunted Wordsmithcreated a beautiful gem for us. The purpose of the game is to gift the fellow bloggers with a beautiful gift. Participation not being obliged, but if you wish to participate pick three bloggers and give them gifts.
Sharing and receiving gifts is a fun. I feel you are able to express the feelings about what you feel about the other bloggers and can make this a fun game.

I thankRoryfor gifting me the gift of traquility for peace and harmony.


As for now I am gifting Wisdom toKamal of Boundless Blessings Blogbecause she is a person filled with love and wisdom who never fails to share the beautiful morals behind every story. She will always inspire you for the beautiful path.

A thankā€¦

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